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Ultra Low dispersion lens, pls refer to ED, LD sections.

Ultra-wide angle lens.

Extra-wide angle lens, usually those with an angle of view greater than 90°. For 35 mm cameras the description usually applies to lenses of shorter focal length than about 24 mm.


A condition in which too little light reaches the film, producing a thin negative, a dark slide, or a muddy-looking print.


Also refer as monopod.A one-legged support used to hold the camera steady. Also see "tripod".


The ultra violet ray. This is beyond the visible spectrum i.e. it's invisible electromagnetic radiation of the sunlight. UV lenses is very expensive, only Nikon has a offering in its Nikkor lens line.

Variable-Contrast Paper

Photographic paper that provides different grades of contrast when exposed through special filters.

Variable focus lens.

Lens of which the focal length can be continuously varied between set limits. The lens must be refocused with each change in focal length.


Device or system indicating the field of view encompassed by the camera lens. The term is sometimes used as a description of the type of camera that does not use reflex or "straight-through" viewing systems and therefore has to have a separate viewfinder.


Underexposure of image corners produced deliberately by shading or unintentionally by inappropriate equipment, such as unsuitable lens hood or badly designed lens. A common fault of wide-angle lenses, owing to reflection cut-off, etc. of some of the very oblique rays. May be caused in some long-focus lenses by the length of the lens barrel.

Wide-Angle Lens

A lens that has a shorter focal length and a wider field of view (includes more subject area) than a normal lens.Also can explained as a lens whose focal length is shorter than the diagonal of the film frame; in 35mm photography, lenses shorter than 50mm; also referred to as a "short" lens.


Watt per second. For flash mode, the measurement of electrical energy in the flash.x

X (setting)

Electronic flash units fire virtually instantaneously and reach full brightness immediately. Therefore no time delay is required. Also refer as X sync. Real time setting that causes the flash to burst in synchronises or instantaneously as the shuttle open up. For older manual camera, the X synch speed usually refers to the maximum speed that the camera can have its shuttle curtain open long enough to synchronise with the flash. In fact, if there is a time delay, the electronic flash may be all over before the shutter gets open. To fire electronic flash with a focal-plane shutter, the switch in the camera is closed at the instant the first curtain of the focal-plane shutter reaches fully open-called X synchronization.

X Sync Terminal

Electronic flash units are available which mount on the hot shoe and are triggered by the electrical contact in the shoe. Other types use sync cord which connects to the sync terminal on the camera. also referred to PC Terminal section.

Zoom Lens

A lens in which you adjust the focal length over a wide range of focal lengths. Subsituting lenses of many focal lengths. Zoom lenses whose focal length is continuously variable over a certain range without a change in focus; its focal length is changed by operating a separate zoom or a combination focusing/zoom ring; difficult type of lens to design and manufacture, very useful for the photographer on a budget or one who likes to travel light.

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