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By replacing the standard camera back of a motor driven Nikon F3-series camera, with the Magazine Back MF4, you can shoot up to 250 frames without changing film.

The MF-4 has a built-in micro motor to drive the takeup magazine, a separate shutter release button, and two kinds of frame counters: an additive and a subtractive type. The additive counter keeps track of the total number of frames exposed; the subtractive one, on the other hand, shows the remaining number of unexposed frames and can be set to any desired number. When the subtractive counter reaches "0," the motor drive automatically stops firing.

SETTING UP: Attach the motor drive to the camera body.

Attach Drive.jpg (9k)
1. First, make sure that the S-C mode selector of the Motor Drive MD-4 is set to the L (lock) position and attach the motor drive to the camera body. For details, refer to the MD-4's instruction manual.

RemoveBAck.jpg (8k)
2. Remove the camera's back.

Open the back of the camera and remove it by depressing the locking catch on the hinge.

TurnKnob.jpg (8k)
3. Set the open/close knob to the "OPEN" position.

Turn the MF-4's open/close knob on the supply side to the "OPEN" position until it clicks in place and the word "OPEN" is aligned with the open/close knob index (an orange square).

Turn.jpg (9k)
4. Release the camera clamp.

While applying pressure to the camera clamp lock release button turn the camera clamp lever clockwise to release the clamp.

Mount Body.jpg (9k)
5. Attach the magazine back to the camera body.

Line up claw (A) at the bottom of the camera holder with space (B) between the motor drive's grip and the camera body.

Back Attach.jpg
Then while using this claw as a guide fit the magazine back carefully into place.

Caution: When attaching the magazine back to the camera, be sure to keep both the camera's right and left neck strap eyelets up so that they will not get caught between the camera and the magazine back.

Close Knob.jpg
6. Lock the magazine back.

While pushing the magazine back's supply side and the end of the camera body together, turn the camera clamp lever counterclockwise until it stops. Be sure to turn the camera clamp lever until the camera clamp lock release button clicks.

Caution: When the temperature goes down to approx. -20°C, the camera clamp lever becomes more difficult to turn due to the hardening of the rubber which clamps onto the camera. Therefore, be sure to turn the lever as far as it will go.

7. Connect the magazine back to the motor drive.

Plug the cord into the magazine back terminal located at the base of the motor drive's grip. While applying pressure, turn the locking ring of the plug until it stops.

Note: Store the magazine back terminal's cover in a safe place for future use. Caution: Do not remove the magazine back from the camera with the cord plugged into the terminal.

Test Power.jpg
8. Check the battery power.

Depress the battery check button on the back and the motor drive's LED indicators will light up to indicate the condition of the battery. When the magazine back is used power is consumed faster.

Therefore always make sure the batteries in use are powerful enough, so that both LED's light up when the battery check button is depressed. If only one LED glows, the batteries should be replaced with a fresh set. For details on the power supply, check section follows up later.
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