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Nikon flash to SLR camera with standard ISO accessory shoe e.g. FM, FE, FE2, FA, FM2n etc..

What IF you have mixed models of Nikon SLRs such as Nikon F3 with Nikon FM2n, FEe etc ? While you have chosen the F3 as the primary TTL flash and you wish the various F3-specific flash units to be able to share for your other Nikon SLR with ISO-type accessory shoe ? AS-6 comes in handy here ...naturally, the compromise is - you will not be able to retain TTL flash function but the readylight function is still possible.

Useful accessory:- Nikon original Flash couplers for various flash models foot incompatibility

Nikon_AS-1 flash coupler

Credit: Image courtesy of camera$@EBAY®. He also operates a popular Ebay Store where he often lists many used RARE pieces of Niko, Leica and other old classic photo equipment, Images are also well taken for visual confirmation for buyers - he is also one of my favourite bookmarked Ebay dealer. Image copyright © 2006. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Nikon AS-1

AS-1 Couples Speedlights with ISO-type mounting foot to hot shoe of Nikon F/F2 series cameras. SS-7 Soft Case; SS-9 Soft Case
AS-2 Couples Nikon F/F2-dedicated Speedlights to ISO type hot shoe of Nikon F5, F100, F4 series FM2n, F90x/ F90 /F801s/F70, F60, F50, F301 or older Nikon SLR models.
AS-3 Couples Nikon F/F2-dedicated Speedlights to hot shoe of Nikon F3 series cameras.
AS-4 Couples Speedlights with ISO-type mounting foot to hot shoe of Nikon F3 series cameras.
(TTL coupling is
not possible).
AS-5 Couples Nikon F3-dedicated Speedlights to hot shoe of Nikon F/F2 series cameras.
AS-6 Couples Nikon F3-dedicated Speedlights to ISO-type hot shoe of Nikon F4/FM2/N90/N8808s/N6006/N6000/N50/N5005/N2020/N2000 cameras (TTL coupling is not possible).
AS-7 Provides offset mounting of Speedlights for Nikon F3 series cameras to facilitate film rewind operation. Maintains full coupling for F3 dedicated Speedlights. Also enables use of ISO-type mounting foot Nikon Speed lights (TTL coupling is not possible). Also see | Vivitar TTL Flash Coupler for F3 |
AS-8 Provides for mounting of SB-16 Speedlight head to F3 series camera's hot shoe. Provides all necessary interface for full TEL flash operation with these cameras.
AS-9 Provides for mounting of SB-16 Speed light head to Nikon SLR cameras equipped with 4545 NCP ISO type hot shoe. Provides all necessary interface for full TTL flash operation with these cameras.
AS-10 TTL sensor for multiple flash setup. Each AS-10 enables you to control up to three TTL flash units. AS-10 attaches to the SB-26, SB-25, SB-22, SB-20, SB-16A/B, SB-17 or SB-21A/B. Connect additional TTL Speedlights with the SC-18 or SC-19.
AS-11 Enable TTL flash on a tripod stand.
AS-15 Enables the connection of flash sync cords fitted with standard PC-type connector to the camera body via the built-in hot shoe. Suitable for use with Nikon SLR cameras not fitted with PC-type sync terminal. Possible with F3 via slave units for off camera multiple flash in manual or normal auto flash mode.
AS-17 Speedlights with ISO-type mounting foot to hot shoe of Nikon F3 series cameras with TTL flash.

Sensor Unit SU-2 Sensor Unit SU-2 for SB-11, SB-14. Replacement sensor unit for SB-11, SB-14.


hotshoe.jpg   A common standard ISO type accessory shoe (C) with an extra flash ready light contact (See illustration at < left ). F3's 'unique accessory shoe with its three flash contacts (Right >) that caused many incompatibility problems.


If you want to set up your F3 for TTL multi-flash, there are a couple of accessories you may have to invest into. depending on the type of the flash units you are using (Full TTL OTC flash metering would require flash units that have the TTL sync terminal on the flash);

HannuYlioja_VivitarCouplerA.jpg HannuYlioja_VivitarCouplerB.jpg /HannuYlioja_VivitarCouplerC.jpg HannuYlioja_VivitarCouplerD.jpg

<<<--- Credit: Images of these Nikon F3-Vivitar flash coupler courtesy of Mr. Hannu Ylioja| Contact|) . Images copyright © 2005 All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the respective contributing photographers.

Multiflash Group.jpg
The master flash unit can either be camera mount (Directly on the camera's accessory shoe) or use a SC-14 (One meter) for off camera operation. Plug a TTL sync cord into the TTL socket of your flash and make use of a multi-TTL plug in coupler AS-10 to extend to another flash unit and so on. The correct sync cord used for such flash to flash connection should be SC-18 and SC-19.

cordttlsc14..jpg sc1819as10.jpg syncablehead.jpg

The new AS-17 could be indispensable if your system has a Nikon F3 and any other Nikon TTL flash capable bodies (Or auto flash mode other than the Nikon F or F2 series models). It allows full TTL performance of your flash unit with standard ISO accessory shoe on a Nikon F3. The AS-10 coupler is the most useful extension coupler to synchronize a few TTL flash units together by means of TTL sync cord SC-18 or SC-19 (Only for flash units that has a TTL sync terminal as mentioned earlier).

TTL Multiple Flash system

A Nikon multiple flash system can be made up of any combination of Nikon TTL Speedlights (SB-25, SB-24, SB-23, SB-22, SB-20, SB-17, SB-16A/B, SB-21A/B) and a Nikon F90x, F90, F3, F4, F801S, F601, or N501. Then simply add the TTL remote or TTL multi-flash sync cords and AS10 adaptor (if using more than 3 flash units) available for TTL off-camera or multiple-flash photography. The camera's built-in sensor automatically measures and controls the light from all units.

Accessories for Multiple Flash setup

TTL Remote Cord SC-14

Provides off-camera positioning and TTL flash control of Nikon SB-16A or SB-21A Macro Speedlight with Nikon F3-series cameras. Approximately 3.3' long. Use this coiled cord to connect Nikon TTL Speedlights to selected Nikon SLRs with standard ISO accessory shoe (F5, F100, F90x, F90, F4, F70, F60 or older AF bodies such as F801(S), F601 or F501). Multiple units can be connected to the SC-14/17's terminals through the TTL Multi-Flash Sync Cord SC-18 or SC-19 and reconnected to AS-10 multi-sync TTL Terminals for TTL multi-flash photography. Approximately 5' long for SC-18 and 10' for SC-19.

Flash Sync Cords and Sync Adaptors

Sync Cord SC-11: This general purpose non-TTL type Auto/Manual flash sync cord enables off-camera flash operation and is fitted with a PC-type connector at both ends. Connectors are threaded for secure mounting. Length 15".
Sync Cord SC-14 Provides for off-camera positioning of F3-dedicated Speedlights, SB-16A and SB-21A. Provides full TTL flash coupling.
Coiled Sync Cord SC-15 A non-TTL general purpose flash sync cord for off-camera operation. Provides same function as SC-11, except it has 3' coiled length.
TTL Remote Cord SC-17 Provides Full TTL flash coupling for off-camera positioning of Nikon Speedlights with standard ISO-type flash mounting foot. Works with Nikon F5, F100, F90x, F70, F60, F801s, F601, F50 or older camera such as F801 etc. The end of this cord is the standard ISO accessory shoe. Up to two TTL flash units can be connected to the SC-17's terminals. May be there is a possibility with F3 series models as well with the new AS-17 flash coupler * To be confirmed later. Based on spec sheet, it looks possible.
TTL Connecting Cord SC-12 Enables Full TTL flash operation of SB-11, SB-14 or SB-140 with Nikon F3 series cameras.
TTL Connecting Cord SC-23 Enables Full TTL. flash operation of SB-11, SB-14 or SB-140 with Nikon F5, F100, F90x, F70, F60, F801s, F601, F50 or older camera such as F801 or F301 etc.. which has a standard ISO type accessory shoe. Not compatible with F3 series models.
Sensor Remote SC-13 The SC-13 allows the SU-2/3 sensor to be positioned near the camera hot shoe for more accurate flash exposures. Operates in non-TTL automatic and manual exposure modes. For general-purpose flash operations with SB-11, SB-14 and SB-140 Speedlights. Cord SC-16 for SD-7: Power Connecting Provides connection for SD-7 to Speedlight (replacement item).

With this SB-17 mounted on the F3, you can use it to start connecting via the TTL sync terminal on the flash unit with either a 5' SC-18 or 10' SC-19 to connect it to a AS-10 Multi sync terminal adaptor. (For off camera, you can use SC-14 TTL sync cord first to connect). From there, you can establish a new connections to two additional TTL flash units via its sockets by means of SC-18 and SC19. Although in theory, this form of connection may extend to a dozen of active connections, It is not advisable to have too many units in such a setup. Anyway, with the many options available, you can mix other TTL flash units even with ISO type accessory shoe after the first main connection.

For some Nikon older version of non-AF flash units (Covers from BC-7 to SB-21A/B) with handle/bracket design or in some cases, portable flash units may also usable, some of these accessories listed below may extend the capabilities of those flash.

MS-2 Battery Holder Holds spare battery complement. (See table above).

SC-4 Ready-Light Adaptor Adapts flash unit to Nikon F2: built-in ready-light and sync contacts. SC-5 Sync Cord (15cm straight); SC-6 Sync Cord (25cm straight); SC-7 Sync Cord (1m coiled).

SC-9 Extension Cord. Connects SU-1 to camera body and permits flash use off-camera. Provides ready-light and sync contacts.

SC-10 Sync Cord Connects ISO-type flash foot mount to cameras with a built-in hot shoe.

SD-4 Battery Pack High-power source operates on two 0160-type (240V) batteries or one 0160W-type battery
SF-1 Eyepiece Pilot Lamp Provides ready-light next to eyepiece on cameras without built-in ready-light.

SH-2 NiCd Battery Quick Charger Recharges SN-2 in about 3 hours (fully-depleted batteries).

SN-2 NiCd battery Unit Fits into flash grip, and powers SB-5 Supplied with SH-2, or separately.

SK-3 Mounting Bracket Fits SB-5 grip permitting 360° rotation of unit, vertically and horizontally

SW-2 Wide-Flash Adaptor Increases angular dispersion of flash to up to 28mm lens coverage.

SU-1 Sensor Unit 3 automatic f/stop selectable plus manual and slave operation (See SB-11 or SB-14 for SU-2 sensor unit for more)

External Power Sources

DC UNIT SD-7: The SD-7 operates on six C-type batteries and offers a separate power source for many of the flash units such as SB-26, SB-25, SB-22, SB-20 and even the non-AF bracket flash like the SB-11 and SB-14. It has shortens flash recycling time and enhances flash capacity. Includes SC-16 Power Connecting Cord. Also works with Speedlights SB-25, SB-24, SB-22, SB-20, SB-11, SB-14 and the specialized UV-IR SB-140flash.

High Performance Battery Pack SD-8

The SD-8 shortens flash recycling time by as much as 60-75% and more than doubles flash capacity. The SD-8 operates on AA-type alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries and can be used with the SB-25, SB-24, SB-22, SB-20 and SB-11. Not usable on the SB-14 or SB-140.

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Nikon F3 - Flash Photography - Accessories - Part II

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