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Additional info on Nikon Ringlight Macro Flash SR2/SM-2

Nikon Ringlight Unit SR-2

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Together with the Macro Ringlight SM-2, these two units were designed exclusively for Nikon close-up enthusiasts prior to the TTL flash era that started in the early '80. They provide an even, shadow less illumination for photographing subjects at close range. The SR-2 screws into the 52mm front thread of Nikkor lenses from 35mm to 200mm for close-up photography of subjects down to 0.2 meter from the film plane; the SM-2 bayonets onto the rear of a reverse-mounted Nikkor lens for macro photography of subjects down to a 12:1 ratio (when the Nikkor 20mm f/4 or 20mm f3.5 is mounted in the reverse position on the Nikon bellows), plus it contains its own focusing lamp.

Since it is not possible to have TTL with the SR-2, you have to use manual exposure determination by using the handy charts supplied in both instruction sheets.

Specifications for SR-2

Flash exposure control
: Automatic control is
NOT Possible
Manual control: full and 1/4;
Guide number (ISO 100, m): 16 (Full); 8 (1/4) Usable at distances of more than 0.6m; (ISO/ASA 25 and feet: 26 (Full) and 13 (1/4 power)
Angle of coverage: 65 degrees
Recycling time: manual Approx. 12 sec.
Number of flashes: 600 (LD-1, full, alkaline manganese batteries); 1400 (LD-1, 1/4, alkaline manganese batteries); unlimited (LA-1)
Ready Light: Built-in
Ready-light Contact for F2 Series Camera Finders: provided with accessory SC-4
Open flash button: Built-in
Mounting: Screw onto front thread of Nikkor Lens.
Approx. 140mm (W) x 106mm (H) x 35 mm (D)
Weight: Approx. 200g (7.0 oz)
Power source
: DC Unit LD-1, AC-Unit LA-1(Can be shared with 200mm f/5.6 Medical Nikkor lens)
  • DC Unit LD-1
  • AC Unit LA-1
  • ready-light adaptor SC-4
  • sync cord SC-5
  • coiled sync cord SC-6
  • sync cord SC-7
  • extension cord SE-2
  • eyepiece pilot lamp SF-1

Useful accessory:- Nikon original Flash couplers for various flash models foot incompatibility

"... Visually, the SR-2 appears nearly identical to its predecessor, the SR-1. The main differences are that the SM-2 has sockets instead of the SR-1's permanently attached power and sync cords. The sockets on the SR-2 are similar to other Nikon speedlites; there is the three-prong sync socket and a half-moon three-pin power socket identical to the one on the later version of the Medical-Nikkor 200 (not wholly unexpected, as they share the same power supplies ...)

Although I am not completely sure, the specs and usage for the SR-2 should be the same as those for the SR-1. Again, remember that the SR-2 is appropriate for use down to 0.6m (2 ft.)...". -Michael Liu-

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Additional info on Nikon Ringlight Macro Flash SR2/SM-2

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