" ... OLYMPUS 250 FILM BACK1 WITH 35-POF This is an Olympus 250 exposure back with the 35-POF computer attachment made by Miletus Assoc., New Mexico. I think this was made for record keeping and used by the USN. It will work as a long roll back on any OM1 or 2 and maybe with the OM3 & 4 as well. At any rate it's a cool item and if your into OM cameras this might be a great addition to your collection. It would work well for large group photos or sporting advents...." - Michael -

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Credit: Images courtesy of Mr. Michael Chandler® <Dexcam1@aol.com> where he also operates a popular Ebay Store as well as a website on their own at www.dexterscamera.com Dexter Camera also can be reached by writing to: Dexters Camera 484 E Main St Ventura Ca 93001 USA 805-643-2172. Images copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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