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Some reviewers on the Internet rated Canon's Malaysian Site was the best among ALL Canon's corporate sites on the Net, including their head office's. Doubt what the man said ? Try here: or and give your own rating.

Kodak - The most comprehensive site on film based or digital medium, if you are looking for product info for films based products or info on PhotoCD, this is the site. Some on-line portfolio of some of the photographers too, some fun on digital "picture this".

FUJI, the Japanese site doesn't provide an English version and will direct you to the site in US. Easy navigation is the strength of this site, right from the first page.,

Agfa, the German film manufacturer has a very informative site for its products and services. The site is very well designed and have a good navigation system - better still an Agfa Gallery for photographers too, this site is hosted in the US.

How can we left this site out, one of my personal favorite? Website design is pure American way, it is very much better than the Nikon homepage at Japan in terms of concept and approaches.

This is the official Linhof site. Very well presented.

Mamiya's official site in the US. Plenty of product info for this medium format camera. We have a lot of Mamiya users in the country, keep yourself updated here.

Leica's home page is quite a surprise, I like its webpage design, clean, informative and easy to navigate...this link is the English version, you may try the German's version, if...

Hasselblad has a updated site, better graphics and design concept this time. You can find the MTF diagram for their lenses here too !

Olympus, official website in the States. Interesting part is the Gallery - sponsoring some photographers' works on the net. Take a visit.

In 1995, Tamron Co., Ltd. purchased the medium format camera manufacturer Bronica Co., Ltd. and now there is a website for both at:

For those Sinar users, the Sinar site is finally up. This is one of the few rare site from Large Format manufacturers. The site is lived up to the expectation of professional photographers who uses Sinar equipment You can purchased their excellent publication "Creative Large Format" on-line; a must for the serious photographers! Don't forget to visit those works in the Gallery section.

Another Large format player, Toyo View site is hosted in the US. Very creative entry page, urge you to carry on looking for more.

Wisner, the classic hand-made large format camera maker finally has a site, how I wish they can portray more on the fine quality of the hardware through the net.

Looking for camera bag ? Tenba has a site, see whether their products fit your requirements.
Billingham, another bag maker, also has a site at:
While the third maker on the net is Lowepro at:

The Tripod maker, Gitzo also has a site - quite graphic intensive and good use of animated gifs to supplement those articles on their products. Manfrotto is at : Slik is at:

Ricoh's site in Japan is very well thought and very friendly. A good reference for others to follow, esp the contacts with marketing department within Ricoh, which is very rare in other sites. A good marketing model for others to follow.

Though I am not too convince that these manufacturers did a good job in creating a world-classed sites on their own (too commercialise and yet don't know how to cover it ), nevertheless, these are the URL for you to hook on to.

Every courageous manufacturer, regardless of big or small in the photographic community deserves a promotion, Richard Stum, the owner and designer of a small company called
Kinesis, manufacture (right In Colorado, US) a modular belt-pack system and long lens cases. Some initial good reviews had in PDN, Studio Photography & Design, Shutterbug's Outdoor & Nature and other magazines. Their full-blown site is still under construction, but a simple splash page is now up at:
Good news for all of us, at least - we now will have another option to look at. You can mail directly to
Richard for more info.

DARK Room assistant ? Six Timers, Four Alarm Clocks, Process Control and much, much more. The DarkRoom Wizard. How it works, I don't know. You check it out yourself.

Cokin Filters Filters, filters and filters. Cokin filters are tools that can help translate to film either what you physically see or what your imagination sees. This web site is dedicated to the creative and practical use of Cokin filters. Plenty of "how-to's", tips,and tricks. (New)

Nowadays, I seldom browse around, remember to mail me your bookmarks or give your recommendation for all of us to include in this page.

Last updated : 15th October 2004

Photographic Societies
Creative centres / Museum
On-Line Photographic Magazine / Media House

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