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Safekeeping your images.

Digital Imaging sounds bad.

General reaction when things relate to digital form might sound like converting your hard and dedicated original effort into something else...and it is not "original" anymore.

Most photographers feel quite defensive to the emergence of this new medium.
Time changes, and I wish this article can take the shield off from you with the negative feeling. I have a
separate article on digital imaging appearing in this site, which I think, if digested constructively, can help you understand better and see how it can help you in your photographic journal.

I went to Ipoh a few weeks back, met up with Foo Kok Kin to discuss the development of his website and he show me some materials which he is preparing for an seminar in Penang during year end. I was very much excited when I first saw those mounted big blow ups of those old works of his. I said: "Hey, these are treasures!", guess what ?

There are some 30 photographs which he took during the 60', which he has lost all the negatives, featuring lifestyle and day to day activities during that era - which are we doesn't or seldom pratice now in the late 90s (keeping you in suspense till the site is up, I hope...)! I suggested to him that I want those images to be published, probably in another site separated from the "modern eyes of Foo kok Kin..". He was puzzled of how I can do that, since almost all those photographs has faded and changed "decolourised" over the time. I know very well he ain't comfortable if I took all those photographs back to KL immediately (that's natural behavior - coz' I might react the same manner). I told him what I intended to do before I make use of those images for web publishing - drum-scan all images first and toast two separate CDs for safekeeping!

He acknowledges that all these 30 mounted pictures are what he could find in more acceptable condition while the rest of the few hundreds were either spoilt or fell victims of white-ants. He looked excited, hehe (sounds like a Sly fox)... good news to all of us, big possibilities that the a new web site will be up, ha!

Why am I in this non-related topic ?

No, the purpose was to inspire you, once a picture is scanned, it is in digital form now - simplest application of digital imaging, in this case for Kok Kin, safekeeping and storage is the intention. It is just that simple. In fact, you are seeing and experiencing digital imaging with pleasure since all images in this site you seen were being digitized from an conventional imaging process - either from prints or color slides!

Once the images were converted later into a writable CD, with good handling and proper storage condition, it should last a few decades. How about that ?

It still doesn't mean your original prints and negatives were have to be trashed. What I meant was just for the purpose of safekeeping with a backup copy of your precious works with another medium. Further, when you have scanned those great images of yours with appropriate resolution, it is then ready for immediate use - including publishing or other applications.

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