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E-commerce Solutions

MIR offers complete front and backend technology to launch your storefront or e-business. Explore the possibility of limitless markets by setting up on online store for local and international customers to purchase. Our e-commerce solutions consist of the following services:

Online product catalogue

Let your customers browse through your product catalogue 24/7. In a catalogue system, products are categorised and important information such as product code, product image and price are displayed in a consistent manner through out the site.

Online shopping/inquiry cart

Make your online e-commerce venture a success with our customised shopping cart software. Regardless of your familiarity with IT, we provide you with tools that you need to create the ideal online environment that will prompt your customers to buy or place orders with you. With our software users can track, add or delete items and calculate the final value of purchases/inquiries.

Online payment
Allow your website to accept credit card (Visa, Mastercard etc) payments in a secure environment, real-time. We can arrange for credit card payment gateways with reliable third party payment gateway providers. Opting for such facility means your business operates 24/7 without incurring massive overheads.

User friendly online administration
Our e-commerce system comes with a simple intuitive interface that allows you to manage your storefront effortlessly. Products can be added or deleted when necessary. The system can also manage your sales orders, customer database/profiles, shipping, invoicing and etc.