Old writing back in 1998 - may not apply now.

The name sounds like radiation at first look isn't it ?

Gamma is the contrast curve of your computer monitor. Different computer systems use different gamma curves, so an image made on one computer will look different on another computer with a different gamma. Macintosh computers use a gamma of 1.8 by default.

Look for service bureau that can recalibrate system gamma of 1.8 based on your original default setting. If you are doing image editing on your own computer, and you want film or a print output by third party like them, it's best for you to set your gamma to 1.8 before you finish your project. By doing this, we can have a more precise output rather than un-predictable or undesirable results which is different from your original image on screen.

The new range of PCI Power Macintosh computers come with monitor and sound control panel, which resides in the Control Panel Folder in the System Folder, allow you to do the calibration. The monitor we suggest (if wihin your budget) go for the 17" AppleVision monitor. It will even perform routine calibrating by itself and adjust periodically acording to room ambience.

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In addition to the variation in Gamma curves used by different platforms, monitors vary considerably in their representation of color. Also, variations in ambient room lighting as well as user settings of brightness and contrast controls make it a bad bet that any image will look the same on any two monitors.

With the Apple's Macintosh, life is much easier with the ColorSync which essentially tackles this issue. Click on the MPUG site in MIR and see whether the content there can be of any help to you..

Still, with care and awareness, it is possible to get an image to look the same on two different monitors. I don't know how about the Windows version works on the Gamma setting (as I'm on the MacOs platform) and I wish there'll be someone come forward and give us some clues and informations.

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