Old writing back in 1998 - may not apply now. 

Now that You have gone through the process of digital image capture - by direct source of using a digital camera/scan back or by analogue to digital conversion by means of scanning, the digitally encoded information is termed as a "file" when imported onto the computer desktop (to know more about this, click here to see whether this site can help you to understand more, our MPUG site in MIR). You can freely use any graphic program or commonly available image editing software like Adobe's Photoshop (which is pixel based) or Metal Tools's Live Picture (non pixel based) or combining with tons of other helper applications like the more common illustration software like Adobe's Illustrators, Macromedia's  Free Hand, Fractal Design's Painter edit your image on the screen.

Kai's live pictures is a trademarks of MetaTools, Inc. Fractal Design Painter is a trademarks of Fractal Design Inc.Adobe's Photoshop & Illustrators are trademarks of Adobe Inc. Freehand is a trademark of Macromedia Inc. Earlier, we mentioned the computer is actually a "darkroom". Where all the darkroom process in your normal photographic techniques can be applied, with the luxury of adding all the filters (just like those little special effect filters mounted in front of your lens) effect that you thought you have forget to add on during the photographic session. The filters that we use in the developers' term is called the "plug-in".


THIS IS A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR THOSE CREATIVE WIZARDS OUT THERE: HELP ! HELP ! HELP ME !- I said this becoz' we have a creative website here, and I know there are plenty of Malaysian Top Guns in Photoshop and I don't want to exhibit my embarrassment in the net- Anyway, as this is just an introductory pages for those photographers who wishes to have a first feel on digital imaging. All I am trying to illustrate just for those who has never expose to computer graphic environment, so please excuse me for all these. Okay, back to on screen. A photo editing program like the Adobe's Photoshop, is just like a computer darkroom. It allows you to manipulate the image that you imported in an unlimited creative process. It works not only just like a darkroom, where all the normal processes of darkroom techniques like burn in, cropping, enlarging etc. can be applied, it is also a "live" studio where you can add and edit source, intensity, colour temperature or multiple lighting setup of your preferred light source. You can mix and match multiples of files to achieve any desirable effects and you can utilise tons of plug-in (filters) to toy around with your original files. Well, at times, I thought graphic programs like this nature interpret a lazy photographers who never has to sweat and deal with nature and principles of photography.

The only element where I have to note you is, programs like Photoshop which is pixel based can be very tricky when you handle with the resolution - it tends to have the nature of throw away the pixels when you reduce the file size and may never be recovered. Photo editing program like MetalTool's Live Picture, which is not pixel based can be of better option - but generally, it acts like a supplemental graphic programs to Adobe's Photoshop, and hardly be treated as a stand alone photo editing software (at least, the developers react that way). Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, these pages are intended to lead and update you with this new extension in photography where gradually become more and more important in its applications that dissolve in our daily lifestyle. I have to end somewhere, I do hope some of you can share or comment   on some of the contents in this site with me.

Bye !

 Jen Siow has squeezed some precious time out of his hectic working schedule to write an article for us - on his experiences dealing with digital imaging.

 Will be avalilable shortly...


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