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When it was introduced, Nikon FG-20 has a very interesting companion flash unit in SB-19. I have always wanted a small flash such as the AF SB-23 of which its compact size provides great portability. With a guide number of 20 (A little weak though), this electronic flash unit has all the power you need for correct exposure like portraiture or macrophotography. Automatic flash control provided safe flash operation, and you can use any of the frequently used apertures from f/2 (2.1m-10m) * to f/11 (0.6m - 1.7m)* at ASA/ISO 100, steplessly.

Nikon FG with SB-19.jpg (17k)
However, there are two setbacks in the FG-20, first is the removal of the TTL OTF flash explained earlier and next is the lack of an PC terminal. But Nikon claimed the use of high powered flash units may damaged the circuitry of the camera and omitted it from the feature list. Information on film speed and lens aperture is electronically feed into the SB-19 the moment the unit is connected to the FG-20 and switched on. You don't have to manually feed these data to the Speedlights or perform any complicated calculations.

To understand flash more like TTL flash exposure control:
Try here first. Credit: Thanks to Robert LEZAT for rectifying a mistake made on the flash.

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On AUTO (A) or manual shutter speed is electronically set to 1/90 sec. when the instant the SB-19 is turned on. If you have to make any adjustment, you are warned after shooting by the blinking of the thunderbolt-shaped red LED signal, also known as a flash ready-light, inside the viewfinder. The blinking red LED reminds you to confirm if your settings are in order or not; a lighted flash ready-light gives you the green light to shoot.

Note: Shutter Speed of 1/90 sec. or slower with electronic flash; with Nikon dedicated flash unit, flash sync automatically set to 1/90 sec. when camera is set at either automatic exposure mode or when shutter speed/mode selector dial is set at 1/125 or higher in manual mode; at slower speeds on manual, shutter fires at speed set e.g. If user selected 1/30 sec will be set at that speed - even if a Nikon dedicated flash unit is used.

(More info: Nikon SB-1 to SB-21 Speedlight/Flash Units)

The SB-19 illustrated here can be substituted with any other dedicated Nikon flash unit to enjoy all the rest of the features such as flash ready light and auto sync speed. SB-15 which came with tilt and bounce feature was even a better choice in comparison. If you often engaged in flash photography, high powered (GN 32) flash unit such as SB-16B with similar features (But bulky) can also be considered. All these flash units mentioned are compatible with the FG-20 (With many of the AF flash as well, please referred to your local Nikon distributor for further clarification).

Speedlight SB-19 Specifications
Guide number: 20 (ASA/ISO 100 and meters) at full output
Flash coverage: Covers picture angle of 35mm lens
No. of flashes: Approx. 250
Recycling time: Approx. 7 sec.
Power source: Four 1 .5V M-type penlight batteries
Dimensions: Approx. 109(H)mm x 66(W)mm x 46(D)mm
Weight: Approx. 180g (without batteries)

With alkaline-manganese batteries at full output
SB19 backview.jpg
Note: You don't have to go out and look for those flash units mentioned in this site. A modern Nikon AF flash unit with standard ISO type shoe should provide the ready light function for your camera. In this case, just move away from the AF setting.

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