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Some interesting info. and pictures.

- Mike Iacono -

Mikami introduced the Speed Magny 100 for the Nikon F in the beginning of the sixties, the idea was to be able to produce full size instant pictures using a “small format” 35mm camera. To achieve this, the image is picked up by a relay lens placed at the film plane, sent on the 45° mirror that reflects it through a 50/2.8 Nikon enlarging lens that blows it up before sending it again on another 45° mirror and finally on the Polaroid film. The long optical path “eats” about 5 stops of light, so a shutter speed of 1/250s becomes 1/8s. Due to optical design, Speed Magnys are not compatible with lenses shorter than 85mm, except a few. A Speed Magny is a complete assembly that replaces the standard back of the camera. The unit is further secured on the camera by screwing it using the tripod socket.

htmls/magny2sml.jpg htmls/magny1sml.jpg magny3sml.jpg
Three beautifully taken images of the Speed Magny Film back ranges from 40-60k each in Jpeg. Click on thumbnail to enlarged.

Nikon bought Mikami around 1966 and kept producing Speed Magny units until the early eighties ! However, most of them were for the F, and it’s quite uncommon to find them for the F2 or F3 cameras.

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