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In 1980, shortly after Nikon introduced the third generation of the
Nikon F3-series system camera, Asahi Optical Co. Ltd. Japan rocked the photographic community by introducing a pin-sized, jewel-like professional class system camera on their own, the Pentax LX to take on the might of Nikon, Canon, Olympus and others. The year was also coincided with Pentax's 60th anniversary. Asahi Pentax, one of the longest and most respectful trade name and camera manufacturing business in the business. Some of its original concept and features found in the LX camera was truly original, functional and very practical. It has also proved to be an immensely successful SLR camera commercially and it remained in production until 1997. Throughout the product life cycle of 17 years, the camera has exhibited its true strength as a first rated professional class SLR system camera and created a huge following around the globe. With its rugged and dependable camera body which forms as the nucleus of many innovative system accessories, it enables Pentax to take on other great rivalries of comparing standard such as Canon New F-1, Nikon F3, the Olympus OM1(n) & OM2(n) and even with the Contax RTS series models etc. at this highly demanding professional users' market segment. The Pentax LX SLR camera, famed for its compactness which capsules a ultra-rugged hybrid body construction, a highly sensitive and innovative metering system, a superb insulation to penetration of moisture and dust, overall great backward compatibilities with other system accessories within the Pentax photographic system, has been appreciated by many of its users worldwide. Along with other fine 35mm SLRs produced by Pentax over the years, the LX stamps a firm footprint in the course of development of 35mm SLR cameras.

This site, along with many other camera models featured in the Classic Modern SLR series,
chronicles a photographic legend by Asahi Optical Co. LTD

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Pentax LX GOLD Limited Edition Model, 1981. Pentax LX GOLD Link
Pentax LX Millennium Models (Y2K/2000 Special Edition) Pentax LX limited Edition camera model Y2k model.logo
Penatx LX Titanium Model (
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