Wat Jedee Luang, old Thai / Siamese Temple

Wat Chedi Luang pagoda, Chiangmai, Thailand

A Lanna Stype Temple, Chiangmai, Thailand

Wat Phra That (Thart) Doi Suthep Buddhist temple

Wat Phra That (Thart) Doi Suthep Buddhist Siamese / Thai temple at mid section of the hill

Chiangmai (Chang Mai) is one of my favorite spot in Thailand. It locates just barely 700km from the busy, hazy, ever noisy and chaotic urban sprawl found in Metro City of Bangkok ("Krung Thep" in Thai). Surprisingly, this quiet cozy town is the ranked the eighth largest city in Thailand (even smaller than Hat Yai, the border city near Malaysian-Thai. But it is still the largest city at the northern Thailand. The distribution of economic development in Thailand is obviously not very even. Today, the foothill city of Chiang Mai still has retained much of its natural beauty and centuries old culture and heritage. For amulets collectors who may has the interest on old, half artifacts kind of Buddhist images, this is a perfect spot for good harvest because Chiangmai has a very rich and aged history in development of Buddhism as well as influence of raw Indian and a mix of neighboring Burmese culture in this region. Some 700+ years ago, King Mengrai and his dynasty had mostly concentrated their efforts in establishing Chiangmai as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Thus, combining Chiang Mai and Buddhism has produced many Buddhist Images of various forms and nature.
Various exciting old Buddha Image at Wat Phra  Doi Suthep Buddhist temple, Chiangmai, Thailand The Chedi which hosts remian of Loard Buddha at Wat Phra Doi Suthep Buddhist temple, Chiangmai, Thailand
Similarly, amulet forms such as Phra Rod, Phra Gong (khong), Hari PunChai, Chiang Sean, Doi Sai, Na Prok, Samkampet (Kampheengphet,)and images by a local legendary monk, Grupa Srivichai are much treasured by amulets collecting groups all over Thailand. Perhaps , with thousands of years in political changes and spread/practice of Buddhism in the Northern Thailand also saw many establishments of very interesting Buddhist landmarks in this region. Popular tourist spots such as Wat Phra Borommathat Doi Suthep on the mid section of the mountain overseeing the entire City is a spot both for good photography as well as studying or appreciating Buddhist heritage. The Chedi was said to host relic of Lord Buddha (best time is either morning or in the evening where the Abbot will perform chanting services to the Chedi. Other equally interesting sites are location of the statue of Grupa Srivichai near the foothill on the way up to the hill site of Doi Suthep; Wat Jedee Luang is a spot that retained historical remains of the Chiang Mai earthquake in 1545; Wat Pra Singh, which locates in the city center for easy access; Wat Chiang Mun, reputedly regarded as the oldest Thai temple in Chiang Mai and many others. In relation to "Lanna" - Chiang Mai folks are still very proud of their history and there are some unique temples that strictly practice this very original code.

One thing is for sure, these images are simply acted as an introduction. Chiangmai, I will be back.


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