Simese King former Royal Palace at Bangkok (43k) Loading ...

Wat Pho (Pu, Phu), reclining / Sleeping Buddha and center for Thai Massage along Chao Phaya river (43k) Loading ...


Here are some Buddhist locations that I have visited at Bangkok where I had brought a camera along (usually, I did). Most of which showcased here are popular hot spots for tourists. The difference, may be was just the difference in perspective via my camera lens to highlight respective point of interest and unique characteristic of each of these locations. However, I am not traveled for photography but rather during each business trip, I will try to allocate some personal time for visit. There are many other interesting landmarks within the metropolitan Bangkok itself and it may takes many other trips in the future to enable some presentable visual journals.

Wat Keschaiyo, Anthong, Thailand ...

Wat Pak Nam, LP SOd, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat -Rakang, The birth place for Soomdej /Soomdet Image (43k) Loading ...

Further, if ever I can manage to spend more time specifically on one location, a more detailed satellite featured site(s) will be developed. For places that doesn't permit me to do so due to personal reasons, I will just provide a single page illustration as well as provide you with a brief background for its establishment. The Wat Paknam, Wat Keschaiyo and Wat Rakang are three very important if not famous Thai Buddhist temples in Thailand, take a click to explore if you like.

Wat IN (Inthraviharn), Bangkok, Thailand ... Wat SUTHAT, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Inthravihan, Bangkok or more affectionately referred by local as Wat IN has a long history and Soomdej Toh used to serve here (In fact, the great Thai Buddhist Gury passed away in this temple). The giant scale Luang Phor To is a distinctive icon of this temple at Banglumpho area (Banghkhunprom).

The Wat Suthat, famous for its bronze cast Phra Kring has a few very beautiful Bronze Buddha Statue inside. Both the 600+ years old Phra Sri Sakayamuni as well as Phra Buddha Trilokachet have a direct association with a few Thai Kings in their existence in this temple.

Four faces Buddha, Erawan, Bangkok Metropolitan (43k) Loading ...

Four faced Buddha, Erawan, Bangkok

Four faces Buddha, Erawan, Bangkok Metropolitan

The Four faced Buddha (all are original images prior to an unforeseen episode occurred back in 03.2006, except for one that is actually a restored Image (reinstalled after 05.May, 2006). You won't notice the difference anyway as the restoration works were done by top Thailand artists in Buddhist art. Anyway, the original Erawan Four Faced Buddha has no substitute and remained as one and only Erawan location.


In fact the Tourism board of Thailand also manages a short one day excursion tour of temples within Bangkok (around RM40-00) which serves as a good introductory for those first time visitors to Bangkok who may share this interest. The itinerary are comprised of 9-temples:- Wat Suthat Thepwararam, Shrine of Chao Pho Suea (Tiger God), Wat Chanasongkram, the City Pillar Shrine, Wat Phra Kaeo (or "Phra Kaew" - the Temple of the Emerald Buddha), Wat Phra Chetuphon, Wat Kanlayanamit, The temple of Dawn, and Wat Rakang Kositaram. Actually. as I ahve not visited some of them yet; probably I should have pick up the offered package as well on next trip.... Anyway, I am quite sure there will be site extensions in this section of the site.


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