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Nikon (Nippon Kogaku K K) packaging / boxes for Nikon rangefinder cameras / Nikkor lenses / accessories

Generally, packaging materials for camera/lenses/accessories may be not an important issue. But when most of us didn't have good, reliable sources to track origin in rough year of produce, these often discarded items can be a good forensic guide to combine with other information to make a good guess.

an original blue velvet box/case for vintage Nikkor RF lens Base section view of an original blue velvet box/case for vintage Nikkor RF lens with Nippon Kogaku Tokyo logo Open views of an old, Nikkor rangefinder lens box
Generally, packing for various products during the earliest Nikon rangefinder period were mainly comprised of simple corrugated boxes with a thinly laminated blue velvet. Some of these were followed by a golden foil stamping and/or just pasted with a sheet of paper.
BCB Box sml.jpg
Nikon old RF camera release box and packing

an old, vintage blue velvet type box for Varifocal Finder for Nikon rangefinder RF

An old type blue box for Nikkor coated lens 35mm f/3.5 RF rangefinder lens

Nikkor old blue camera / lens case for RF 35mm f/2.5 Nikon RF BCB flash box and packing Nikon camera box for ranegfinder Nikon S model

old box for cable release

an early Varifocal finder blue box

Two Blue velvet box designs for older 3.5cm f/3.5 & f/2.5

an early box for Nikon BCB Type 1

an early Nikon S packing/ box

Nikon antique BCB box and packing by Shinagawa Tokyo Japan Old blue velvet skin box for Nikon M Nippon Kogaku Tokyo Micron box An old, rare box / case for Nikon Reflex Housing with EP mark

old paper box for BCB flash Model II

old blue velvet coated box for Nikon M

Nippon Kogaku Tokyo box for early Binocular

base and stamping for Reflex Housing

An old type leather case for filter set during Nikon rangefinder era The composite Nikon filter set for rangefinder Nikon cameras / Nikkor lenses
The corrugated box with blue velvet design was followed up with early attempt to supply various accessories in leather form. Some of the earliest offer such as the filter set shown at left were cased in a portable leather compartment. The Nikkor lenses at this stage has a packing redesigned in different configurations. There were 4 different designs appeared during the mid stage as shown with the packing below. The rare, Nikkor-T 50cm f/5.0 was supplied in a wooden box. It was also during this period, other smaller accessories had changed to a more colorful display in their packing. Mainly collectors referred them as yellow boxes (regardless what the base colour was, there is always a yellow spot or section somewhere in the design). It does have some odd variations such as the Nikkorex with the lens hood in green packing but that is considered not common practice.

an early portable leather compartment for Nikon filters

A typical setup of an old Nikkor coated lens 3.5cm wideangle with blue box, leatehr case and metal hood Newer box and packing for Nikkor-T 135mm f/4 rangefinder cameras An antique wooden box for Nikon Nikkor-T 5cm f/5.0 rangefinder short mount telephoto lens

Typical setup of an old RF Nikkor lens packing

updated designed box for Nikkor RF lens (105f/4)

a heavy, rare offer of a wooden casing for Nikkor-T 500mm

second generation Nikon boxes for packing during rangefinder era An old box with Nippon Kpgaku Tokyo magazine Nikon old film magazine RF days 2nd generation mid stage box and packing for Nikon RF  cameras RF NIkkor lens rangefinder version packing and newer boxe design next stage Nikkorex lens hood green box and cases

old mixed design

Nippon KK Tokyo logo

colorful orange film magazine box

2 designs in gold for mid stage RF Nikkor lenses

An odd green box

mid stage Nikon rangefinder box and packing for meter booster for RF cameras An old type exposure meter for rangefinder Nikon RF cameras newer colorful packing box for lens hood for rangefinder Nikon RF cameras yellow, box lens hood cases, box for rangefinder Nikon RF cameras

another multi-colour box design - meter booster

yellow box- exposure meter

fancy color lens hood packing and boxes design

Newer look of varifocal finder for rangefinder Nikon RF cameras

older pack, box design for Nikon flash unit BC-5 fan type flash / speedlights

Accu-rapid wind for rangefinder Nikon RF cameras

Nikon close-up devices for rangefinder Nikon RF cameras

Nion old boxes for filters rangefinder Nikon RF cameras

colorful Varifocal finder box

pinky Nikon BC-5 flash packing

Accu-rapid wind (3rd party)

magenta red Close-up device and colorful filter boxes

Original boc and packing for Nikon S3 rangefinder Nikon cameras special produced, Corrugated box packing for Nikon S3 Millenium Y2K (2000) model newer design of a Corugated box / packing for Nikon SP 2005 rangefinder camera model Corugated box packing for Nikon SP 2005 Limited Edition rangefinder camera model
Old and new camera box and packing compared. Nikon S3 (1958), S3 Y2K (2000) & Nikon SP 2005

original Nikon S3 box

New design for Nikon S3 2000 model

New designed box and packing for Nikon SP 2005

The early version of box design for reflex Nikon F / Nikkor lenses early small Nikon logos design in gold box for Right angle finder Gray box for Nikon right angle finder Gray box packing design for some of the auto Nikkor lenses during Nikon F/ F2 era Special wooden box for Nikon FM2n Millenium Y2K 2000 model Special silver and gray box for Nikon f2 25th anniversary model Typical design of a golden box for Ai and Ai-S Nikkor lenses Newer and fancy box design for Nikon Coolpix series digital compact camera models.

Early dull gold box Reflex Nikon F

small Nikon logos

gray box (Nikon F2)

gray box Nikkor (F2)

wooden box FM2NY2k

special box 25th LE Nikon f2

Typical Ai/Ai-s Box

fancy digital Coolpix box

Compare Nikon design with some of the other labels how their respective packing look like:-
Series of old camera / lens cases / boxes for other camera labels.
Series of old camera / lens cases / boxes for other camera labels part  II


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