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Are you aware that the Original Instruction Manuals for the Rangefinder Nikon cameras are bloody expensive. But it is mainly a supply / demand kind of situation. I have only three copies of the Manual ready. For others, I have to wait for kind hearts of visitors. Don't send me any original copies of your possession - sell them if you have one ! may be it is good to subsidize a new purchase. However, before you decide to dispose them, why don't you consider do a scan* for me to enable others to have a library to refer to ?

By the way, just treat here as a digital junk yard. I can accept any things in any condition that relate to the Nikon rangefinder system because Instruction Manuals, brochures and leaflets are good source to gather accurate information. Be it for S-36, camera manual in multi-lingo, Reflex Housing, Variframe/Varifocal finders, lenses .. to as minute as eyepiece etc. Appropriate credit will be provided for such contributing effort. Thank You.

* Tips:- No scanner ? Just use a simple solution to solve a tedious process. Like ? Why DON'T just use your compact digital camera just snaps the copies for me ?

Current state of limited copies of available Instruction Manuals in this site:- (CLICK to go individual Manual)

Instruction manual for Nikon (Nippon Kogaku KK) S Rangefinder Camera - LINK Instruction manual for Nikon (Nippon Kogaku KK) SP Rangefinder Camera - LINK Instruction manual for Nikon (Nippon Kogaku KK) S3 Rangefinder Camera (Japanese Version) - LINK

Instruction manual for Nikon M

Instruction manual for Nikon (Nippon Kogaku KK) S4 Rangefinder Camera - LINK

Instruction manual for Nikon (Nippon Kogaku KK) S4 Rangefinder Camera - LINK



No luck yet on these thumbnails or others not shown here:-

Old Nikon Instruction manual for ranegfinder camera


Scanned copies of
Original Nikon Price Lists

Instruction manual for Nikon S Instruction manual for Nikon M sync Instruction manual for Nikon M early Instruction manual for Nikon S Instruction manual for Nikon S
Instruction manual for Nikon System   Instruction manual for Nikon SP and S3

Instruction manual for Nikon S2

Instruction manual for Nikon system accessories

Instruction manual for Nikon S3

Instruction manual for Nikon S2 with lens information

Instruction manual for Nikon S2 with other system

Nikon RF Lens Finder Group

Nikon RF variframe / varifocal Finder Group

Nikon RF Sports Finder Group

Nikon RF Lens hood Group

Nikon RF Reflex Housing for Telephoto lens Group

Nikon RF close-up accessories Group Nikon RF automatic film advance devices (motor drive/winder) Group

Nikon RF Lens misselenous accessories Group

Fixed fens Finders


Sports Finder

Lens Hoods

Reflex Housing


Motor Drive




W-Nikkor-O 1:4 f=2.1cm | W-Nikkor.C 1:4 f=2.5cm | W-Nikkor.C 1:3.5 f= 2.8cm | W-Nikkor.C 3.5cm lens Group (3.5/2.5/1.8) | Stereo-Nikkor 1:3.5 f=3.5cm | 5cm (50mm) lens group | RF Micro-Nikkor 1:3.5 f=5cm | Nikkor-P.C 1:2 f=8.5cm lens group / Nikkor-S.C 1:1.5 f=8.5cm lens group | Nikkor-P.C 1:2.5 f=10.5cm lens group / Nikkor-T 1:4 f=10.5cm | Nikkor-Q.C 13.5cm lens group: 135/4, 135/3.5 Early / Last Version, 135/4 Bellow lens | Nikkor-H 1:2.5 f=18cm | Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=25cm | Nikkor-T 1:4.5 f=35cm | Nikkor-T.C 1:5 f=50cm | Reflex-Nikkor 100cm f/6.3

System Accessories for Nikon Rangefinder cameras
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