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Focusing Screens Since the T90 has no interchangeable viewfinders, the focusing screen is a key element when you have some specific assignments that requires some help with the screens. Of course, the screen is also a key factor in bringing the subject into sharp focus. The T90 comes with the New Split/Microprism focusing screen as standard. It can be used in three ways: as a split-image rangefinder screen, as a microprism rangefinder ring, or as a matte fresnel field. This standard focusing screen offers the advantage of having all three main screen types on a single element. It also indicates the Spot metering area (2.7%) and Partial metering area (13%) to make those operations simpler.

Canon offers a total of eight focusing screens, each designed for a particular photographic application. A special tool is provided with each focusing screen to facilitate screen replacement.

Some of the screens like the Matte/Section and Matte/Scale are indispensable for copying, reproduction works. May be handy for architectural photography as well. Note, ALL screens has the microprism rangefinder ring and inner ring to indicate Partial and Spot meter areas.

External Resources created by Mr. Christian Rollinger: T90 Focusing Screens(1MB)

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