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Although most would believe camera of yesterday are better made and more durable. But great care also must goes into providing them with a minimal level of protection to maintain its condition because as delicate precision instruments, they should obviously be shielded as far as possible from unnecessary abuse. Well, naturally you cannot tell someone who works as a full time profession in photography to always maintain the gear in such manner, but you cannot deny the fact where good condition hardware always can fetch a better premium - should one day you decided to upgrade or disposing yours camera setup. While the purpose of these is meant more for protection, at the same time they must be convenient to carry and available for instant use. The Case Group is invaluable on both scores. The various units are specially designed to accommodate OM System equipment securely, without restricting its easy accessibility. The units include hard, semi-hard and soft cases for the OM bodies with standard lenses and even thee is a unit cater for an OM camera with a power winder, a choice of carrying straps, lens pouches, and compartment cases etc.

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(1) Compartment Case S A hard shoulder case with two adjustable partitions. Accommodates OM body with two lenses, or OM body with Ouick Auto flash or T32 electronic flash and a Bounce Grip.

(2) Compartment Case M A soft shoulder case with partitions and two pockets. Holds OM Body, three interchangeable lenses and various auxiliary equipment including electronic flash. It also accommodates clothing and toiletry for traveling, in addition to photographic equipment, permitting camera and lenses in position safely without their individual cases, permitting quick lens changing on the camera inside the case.

Compartment Case L A hard shoulder or hand-carried case with two adjustable partitions. Holds two OM bodies, two lenses (including 300mm telephoto), electronic flash, large format camera, etc. Partitioned Insert Used in Compartment Case L to accommodate motor drive units including 250 Film Back 1.
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(4) Partitioned Insert When inserted into the Compartment Case L, this unit supports the assembly of the Motor Drive Units. The 250 Film Back 1 and interchangeable lenses can be stored together with the OM Body.

(5) Hard Case for OM Body with F1.8 or F1.4
(6) Hard Case for OM Body with F1.2
(7) Semi-Hard Case for OM Body with F1.8 or F1.4
(8) Semi-Hard Case for OM Body with F1.2
(9) Soft Case for OM Body with F1.8 or F1.4 Accommodates the OM Body with F1.8 or F1.4 standard lens and the Recordata Back ] .
Soft Case for OM Body with F1.2
(11) Lens Pouch 100 Made of fine leather to contain a single lens 100mm or Electronic Flash T20.
(12) Lens Pouch 200 A fine leather container for a 200mm telephoto lens, zoom lens, or smaller. The main body of the Ouick Auto 310/T32 flash unit can also be contained.
(13) Leatherette Shoulder Strap with Shoulder Pad 1
(14) Leather Shoulder Strap with Shoulder Pad 2
(15) Flat Braid Shoulder Strap
(16) Round Braid Shoulder Strap

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* Lens Pouches 150/100 The Lens Pouch 150 (100) is also suitable for carrying the T32 (T20) electronic flash unit, on its own. * Compartment Case S comes with two adjustable partitions to accommodate the OM Body, T32 (or T20), bounce grip and bracket. * Lens Pouch 300 Accommodates 300mm and 180mm telephoto lenses.

Case Group Accessories
* Compartment Case S A hard shoulder case with two adjustable partitions. Holds OM Body with two interchangeable lenses and filters, or with Electronic Flash T32 and Bounce Grip. * Camera Holder for Case M Besides the camera holder provided with the Case M, one more camera holder is attachable on the right or left wall of the case as preferred. These holders can hold two camera bodies simultaneously.

Winder Soft Case Holds any of the OM cameras with standard lens and Winder 2 (or Motor Drive plus Ni-Cd Control Pack).

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