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The Motor Drive Group consists of a number of units for sequential exposures in all types of photography. A remote control mechanism is also available for a series of exposures taken intermittently in conjunction with the M. AC Control Box, or a series of exposures with bulk films. But remote control has always been a weaker link within the OM photographic system. Like all caomparing 35mm SLR system , remote control is usually made as an extension from a Motor Drive or Power Winder, which in many ways, very logical because this is esentially an unmanned operation.

The earliest version of the OM motor drive 1 was not fitted with a remote control input jack a top the hand grip where the shutter release button locates. This provision was added in the upgrade and so as on the Power Winder 1. Subsequent Winder 2 and the Motor Drive 2 was also fitted as a standard feature.

However, up until the early part of eighties, Olympus has not seriously explore the many possibilities on remote control photography and most official offering was restrictive to use only with standard type of remote cables. In fact, Olympus has no other more sophisticated kind of accessories and in their camera manual, they have to resort to ask users to go for commercially available remote control apparatus, such as radio- or photo control devices, self timers, intervalometers and remote control cords which are applicable.

The Remote Control Jack on top of the hand grip of the Motor Drive 1 provides a facility for remote motor drive photography. The jack accepts a 2.5mm mini-plug (output terminal of remote control apparatus). * Caution: Prior- to the wiring or when inserting the mini-plug into the jack, the mode selector of the power supply should be set to "OFF"; if set to "SINGLE", the Motor Drive/Winder 2 may start functioning as soon as the connection is made.

Simultaneous Multiple Motor Drives Photograpohy The Remote Control Jack also provides a facility for electric shutter release in simultaneous burst with two or more motorized OM cameras. The wiring is illustrated below.

Setup Multisets.gif
The Remote Control Jack also provides a facility for electric shutter release in simultaneous bursts with two or more motorized OM cameras. The wiring is illustrated at left.

But things changed as new generations of OM SLRs & Motor Drive provide more functionality and many users who explore new fields in photography demand for more of such photographic capabilities in areas such as scientifica research and wild life observation etc. The the quantum leap of development of Quartz and digital technologies enabled Olympus to introduced one of their first M. Quartz Remote Controller 1 and optional accessory from Olympus such as Program Timer for remote control usage.

M. Quartz Remote Controller 1 A wired remote control unit for use with Motor Drive 1 or 2, or Winder 1 or 2. Cord length is 1.2m, but an extension cord (M. Remote Controller Cord 10m) is optionally available. Provides controls for mode switching between single and sequence operation. In particular, used together with the Motor Drive 2, it assures the following useful information even during remote control operation: 1 - LCD frame counter, countdown type with automatic stop at "0". 2 - Audio-visual exposure confirmation. The built-in intervalometer makes possible sequential operation at intervals from 0.5 sec. to 24 hours per frame.

The Remote Controller is designed for use either with the Motor Drive 2 or the Winder 2, this tiny but very sophisticated unit gives audiovisual confirmation the exposure has been made. In addition it permits selection of single frame or sequential operation, and provides for exposure intervals from 0.5 sec. to 24 hours on the built-in intervalometer.

This Remote Controller unit also offers a countdown type LCD electronic frame counter, with automatic stop at ''0". With the optional Program Timer TM2, the interval can be extended to a whole week. It works with the Motor Drive 2, naturally, it can also be used with the 2.5-frame-per-second Winder 2.

Remote.jpg remotecord2.jpg
M. Remote Controller Cord 10m
The jack accepts a 2.5mm mini-plug (output terminal of remote control apparatus). There are two optional M. Remote Cords available from Olympus in 1.2m and 5m lengths * IMPORTANT: Some remote apparatus whose output plug always gives electrical potential (voltage) when applied with a tester, will damage the winder circuitry.

The regular cord of the M.Quartz Remote Controller 1 is 1.2 meters in length. At times when it is preferable to operate the camera and motor drive from a greater distance, this 10 meter extension cord is used.

LCD frame counter and exposure confirmation are not workbale with Motor Drive 1, Winder 1 or Winder 2. The Timer Jack near the Motor Drive Cord accepts the optionally available Olympus Program Timer TM-2 (not part of the OM System). With this unit the programmable interval can be increased from 24 hours to one week per frame, for environment observations over an extended period. Source: Veluwen's OM Sales Information Guide.
M. Remote Cords 1.2m and 5m For wired remote shutter release with the motor drive or winder, when no special indications or control functions are needed remotecord1.jpg
The M. Remote Cord is plugged into the remote control jack of the Motor Drive 1 or 2, or the Winder 1 or 2, and enable operating the OM cameras from a distance. It has two types of cords, 1.2m and 5m. Plug the cord securely into the jack with the mode selector (Motor Drive 1 or 2) or switch dial (Winder 1 or 2) position. Its compact, easy-to-operate control employs an electromagnetic shutter release operated by a soft-touch shutter release push button. Anyway, despite all these remote accessories provide in the OM system, you still have to admit the restriction imposed with the limited choices you can play around with the OM remote control facilities provide.

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