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Olympus Motor Drive and Winder has a two pieces design which comprised of the motor drive unit and power supply at the bottom.

Olympus Motor Drive 1 with Rechargeable M 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1. This combination can boost a fast film advance rate of 5 frames per second. You can also select either the M18V Control Grip which has a Pistol Grip design, you can use the magazine to store 12 units of 1.5V AA batteries which may power the camera to last approx. 70 rolls of 36 exposures film. The last option is to use the M. AC Control Box to make use of regular household current via relay cord and it also acts as a intervalometer which you can timed for exposures in intervals from 4 fps to one frame every 120 seconds.

On the other hand, OM Motor Drive 2 has a modern design with a display system uses LCD and pictographs to inform user the status progress and sequences of operation. Although it may not present significant advantage over older motor drive 1 if you are using older OM bodies such as OM1 & OM2 series, but the true potential of the new drive is unleashed when it is used with newer OM bodies that was introduced after the Motor Drive was introduced. The OM3 and OM4 series, for instance - automatic power film rewind is make possible and it extends and enhance other capability such as improved remote control operations with some of the newer accessories.

OM md2.jpg OM md2b.jpg OM md2c.jpg
Further, in terms of functionality, many of the newer OM camera bodies enjoy enhanced features such as automatic film advance to frame 1 and film end indication*. The drive uses LCD display to inform sequences of film loading, film rewind, and film removal. Like most high end motor drive system, the frame counter can be set to count down from any preset number of frames to zero, where the drive will automatically stops. Another enhanced built-in feature with the Motor Drive 2 is its ability to keep from ripping perforations out of the film at the end of a roll. Where most other system would require a dedicated Databack to perform similar task. So you may ask: Leonard, What is the catch here ? Simple. IF you own any of the OM1 or OM2 series body, You don't have to rush out to upgrade your earlier drive with the upgrade because Motor Drive 2 may not present any significant advantage in terms of performance over the Motor Drive 1. Most of the features mentioned earlier was not possible with the earlier OM bodies. Naturally, the new drive has a more modern look, designed with better human engineering factor, I would love to believe it is a better built drive with a good choice of high quality material. * OM20, OM30, OM40, OM2SP, OM3(Ti), and OM4(Ti)} supports Auto film advance to frame 1; Automatic film rewind only applicable to OM3, OM3Ti, OM4 and OM4Ti; while film-end indication only apply to OM40, OM3 and OM4 series models.

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Anyway, both drives have the hand grip, top and bottom sections which all made of aluminum die cast metal, coated with a heavy duty anti corrosive industrial paint with the Motor Drive 2 projects a very industrial and robust looked external coating.

<<<<--- A top view of an OM2n with a Motor Drive 1 attached.

Other less important points to look at is, the storage of the tiny cap which has to be removed from the motor drive coupling on the camera body fits into a slot on the top of the Motor Drive 1, but the location is different on the Motor Drive 2 where you have to store it by screwing the cap into the back of the grip.

Although this site is originally used for supplementing OM1 and OM2 sites, but for any user, the most concerning part is still how both of these drives perform with respective OM bodies. Further, if high speed film advance (and auto film rewind, where models applies) is not a photographer's top priority, you may take a look at the Power Winder where Olympus was the only camera makers that provide a Winder which will operable with ALL their SLR models and with the extra benefit of providing the remote capability found on more powerful* motor drive units.
If that does not make you eyes blink, Olympus gives you extra value in, the cheaper and lighter Power Winder also usable with the OM 250 bulk film back (Naturally, it will work with the two high speed motor drives, but in relation to the same capability provided by the Winder - where I think it is only possible to find such combination with the OM system among any 35mm SLR manufacturers.

Some information relates to newer and older system Accessories under Olympus Motor Drive/Power Winder Group:

Motor Drive 1 (Instruction Manual) The early standard motor drive unit that forms the heart of the group. Fixed directly to the camera base tripod socket, it functions integrally with the OM camera body, used with a separate power source.

Specifications: available shutter speeds: With OM-1 series: 1/2 - 1/1000 sec. during sequence operation. 1 - 1/1000 sec. during single frame operation.With OM-2, OM3 & OM4 models: All shutter speeds; Film advance rate in "Sequence" Mode could vary depends on models, with the exception on OM2SP, it remains at 5 fps for applicable OM1 and OM2 series models. Size: 116 x 82 x 66mm (4.57 x 3.23 x 2.59 in.) Weight: 210g (7.4oz.)

It may be an older model, but Motor Drive 1 has a better power efficiency than newer Motor Drive 2, it can power up to about 40 x 36-exposure rolls, which is almost double that of a Motor Drive 2 operates on either a M.15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 or version 2.

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