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MC-9 Cord

Used to attach motor drives' release to the SB-6 repeating flash.

SF-1 Eyepiece Pilot Lamp

Nikon Description: Fits the eyepiece of the Nikon F and Nikkormat cameras. In this way, you can determine speedlight readiness without removing your eye from the viewfinder; you can compose and focus while the unit is charging and be ready to fire when the pilot light comes on. The pilot lamp goes out after firing, indicating that the speedlight has fired.

This accessory consists of an adapter that screws into your eyepiece and two cords coming off the adapter's left side: the top one is connected to your camera's PC socket, and the bottom one has a pronged plug to go into your speedlight. Thus it also handles camera-flash sync, obviating the need for the SC-5/6/7.

SC-4 Ready Light Adapter

Nikon Description: Permits use of the ready-light built into the viewfinders of F2 Nikon cameras when the flash unit is used off-camera.

This accessory slides around the F/F2 shoe and connects with the ready-light contact built into the left side of F2 prisms. It connects to the three-prong sync socket on Nikon Speedlites and also handles the camera-flash sync (i.e. no need for a PC plug cord).

SC-5 Sync Cord

Nikon Description: Provides sync coupling of the flash unit to cameras not equipped with a hot-shoe.

The SC-5 is shorter than the SC-6, lacks the coiling, but performs the same function: one end is a PC plug, the other is the standard three-prong plug for flash sync.

SC-6 Sync Cord

Nikon Description: The coiled 1m extension cord permits off-camera shooting with all types of Nikon cameras.

It seems pretty simple: one end has a two-prong plug that looks vaguely like a US AC socket-plug (but goes into the three slots on the SB-2/3 and -7E/8E) and the other end is a threaded PC plug (finally, the threads on your F2 have some use, hallelujah!).

SC-7 Sync Cord

Nikon Description: Connects the SB-2 (-7E) to the Nikkormat/Nikomat FTN. 25cm (0.8ft) long.

This is for use with cameras and other objects that have an ISO shoe without flash coupling (i.e. cold shoes); it has the three prongs which mate with the three slots on the bottom of the SB-2/3 and -7E/8E on one end and a standard PC plug on the other.

-1 Flash Sensor

Nikon Description: Mountable on the SB-5 or on the camera's accessory shoe (via the SC-9). Permits selection of three f/numbers in automatic as well as manual and slave operation.

SW-1 Wideangle Adapter

Nikon Description: Clips easily over the reflector of the SB-2 or SB-3 to increase the angle of flash from the normal 56 deg. horizontal and 40 deg. vertical to 67 deg. horizontal and 48 deg. vertical. It also ensures adequate lighting at the perimeter of the viewfield when the 28mm wideangle lens is used.

SW-2 Wideangle Adapter

Nikon Description: Clips easily over the reflector of the SB-7E or SB-8E to increase the angle of flash from the normal 56 deg. horizontal and 40 deg. vertical to 67 deg. horizontal and 48 deg. vertical. It also ensures adequate lighting at the perimeter of the viewfield when the 28mm wideangle lens is used.

SC-9 Sensor Extension Cord

Nikon Description: Enables automatic flash operation with the SB-5 off the camera. Permits mounting of the SU-1 on the camera's flash shoe and provides all ready-light and sync connections.

One end has the cylindrical plug that mates with the socket on the side of the SB-5's flash head. The other end has an F/F2-type foot on the bottom and a cylindrical socket to accept the SU-1 on top.

SK-1 Flash Bracket

It is possible that the SK-1 is an early version of the SK-2 and was introduced with the SB-1. It is also possible that SK-1 was the non-designated flash bracket for use with the BC-3, and that Nikon did not want to reuse the name with the SB-1. I have no data on the SK-1.

SK-2 Flash Bracket

The SK-2 is the bracket which attaches the SB-1 to your camera. It has three holes in the bottom, for different applications: the round hole is for the F36 (sans Cordless), the middle slot is for most 35mm cameras, including motordrives with centered sockets (e.g. MB-1), and the longest slot is for 6x6 SLRs and the F36/Cordless combination.

The bracket clamp that attaches to the SB-1 and SK-2 is fairly straightforward: loosen the clamp, if necessary, with a coin slide over flash handle, making sure that the black quick-release lever faces up (i.e. towards the head) and that the ridge on the brip engages the groove on the clamp retighten the clamp, if necessary slide the camera + SK-2 onto the clamp, top to bottom (i.e. from the QR lever downwards) tighten the silver locking screw on the back of the clamp reverse 4-5 to remove the camera, making sure to slide the QR lever towards the flash handle to disengage store the (empty) SK-2 on the SB-1 by putting the pin on the bottom of the clamp into the corresponding hole on the SK-2

SK-3 Mounting Bracket

This is the appropriate bracket to use with the SB-5. It has some flexibility for mounting the bracket to different cameras, and it also has cut-outs to allow for easy access to the open/close key on F2's (I guess for the F as well, but if you have the bracket still attached to the tripod bushing ...).

SE-2 Multiple Flash Cord

Nikon Description: Extends to three meters to connect two flash units for multiple flash operation.

It has the prong-attachment on both ends of the cord, for adding another flash to your happy mix. Note that, despite having the same guide number and presumably circuitry, Nikon does not recommend that you use the SB-7E/8E with the SB-2/3 via the SE-2. I say that if you are brave enough to use multiple manual flash, you probably already have one of the Forscher ProBacks, which let you take Polaroids to check lighting ratios and flash setup, and you know more about it than I do.

Nikkormat Accessory Shoe

Nikon Description: Used to mount a speedlight on the Nikkormat FTN.

This adapter screws into the eyepiece ring of the Nikkormat FTN and provides two (cold) shoes over the pentaprism: a standard ISO-type and the F/F2-type. Both shoes are "stacked" over one another, and, had the rewind lever not been in the way, Nikon probably would have used a similar design on the F and F2 (assuming that they'd bother to design a special shoe in the first place).

BD-1 Sync Cord

This is a 20cm accessory cord that is appropriate for use with cameras with cold shoes (e.g. the above Nikkormat Accessory Shoe) and the Nikon BC-7. One end has the standard PC-type plug and the other end has a two-pronged connector for the sync socket on the BC-7. Note that since the BC-7 has the F/F2-type foot, you will need an AS-2 to mate properly with ISO-type shoes.

BD-2 Extension Cord

As far as I can tell, this is identical to the BD-1 with the exception that the BD-2 is 1m long. The BD-2 definitely has a threaded PC plug, as well.

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