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A Singaporean Photographer Hong-Sien Kwee <> mailed me these images sometime ago and I thought this is something... So he asked if I would like to have these images for this Nikon F2 site. I have kept them aside in another backup disk and fortunately they are still around when my hardisk crashed sometime ago. The camera uses a grid screen.

Credit: Mr S-W Hong has some of his work published at where you can accessed. He said most of those images broadcasted there were taken with an F2 or FE with the (good) old 20mm/3.5 UD-Nikkor (72mm filter thread).

<<--- Click for an enlarged view (17K Jpeg).

What are these cameras for .... Mr HS Kwee explained: ".....The pin Register backs were used mainly in the copying industry (copying pictures, technical drawings etc.) and also in the film industry as I was told for making images of stills with different setups of objects. These were the main use for these backs. The camera back has at least two pins that holds the film in place while taking a picture. These keep the film exactly at its place important if one wants to combine several images, you just have to place the slides on top of each other by aligning them with the the holes in special slide holders (with pins). OR you can do double or triple or more exposures on the same film without the film being moved a millimeter! Apparently the F2 winding mechanism was not exact enough!

Some cameras work differently, they had special winding mechanisms (modified from original one), you can make double exposures by rewinding to a previous image and the modified mechanism ensures that you come back at exactly the same image borders of the previous image. These cameras had no pin registers. They had special purpose screens installed by an American company, in fact I know a Malaysian guy who has such a camera, I will try to ask him to contact you to provide some pics of that special F2 camera....". - Hong Sien -

f2pinsml.jpg f2pinbsml.jpg f2pinasml.jpg  



Click on any small image to see an enlarged view.

Credit: All pictures and info courtesy of Mr Hong-Sien Kwee of Singapore
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Credit: A recent posting by a gentleman named Paul Armstrong on the Nikon F3 Message Board provided some clue to its possible usage (I reproduced it exactly for your consumption but since have no way verify truthfulness, so - you may use that as a reading reference but it is the closest information I can gather for you ):

4. From : Paul Armstrong (
Date : 08:06 AM Monday 17 December, 2001

The "special F2 Back" with the pins was made by Double M industries in Austin Texas owned by a man named Barry Marks. He was a machinist by trade. He made these cameras for the Multi-image industry for copy stand use. He was one of the low cost suppliers of this technology. You could either send him your F2 for modification, or he would obtain one and modify it & send it to you.

The cost was $400.00 US in 1981. He made some other products to go with it such as a modified Beseller color head used upside down under a copy stand to project colors through kodalith negatives for making text slides, or for "burning" text into slide images. Oxberry, Maximillian Kerr Associates and pro? systems were the most prevalent makers of these cameras(modifyers!) They all moved on the the F3 after it was proven reliable. Forox, Marron Carrol were makers of pin registered cameras not using Nikon cameras as the base. FYI

- Paul Armstrong - (

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