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Olympus OM Motor Drive Group The attraction of the motor drive is its ability to capture fleeting phenomena which exceed the capabilities of human response. Tailored perfectly to match the OM camera body, each unit of the Motor Drive Group has been reduced in size to enhance its maneuverability and ease of operation.


The basic motor drive package (Motor Drive 1 + M. 18V Control Grip 1, or Motor Drive 1 + M. 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1) features an amazingly compact and lightweight design, permitting handheld photography even with a 300mm telephoto lens, for shooting sports and news events or other action subjects.

Motor Drive 1 | Motor Drive 2 | Winder 1 | Winder 2

The Winder 2 is designed for the ultimate compactness operating on self-contained batteries to perform single or sequential shooting. The 250 Film Back 1, which holds enough bulk film to give 250 exposures, attaches to the OM camera body without cords. The M. AC Control Box is useful for copy work, time-lapse and other photography by transforming household current to DC for motor drive use via a relay cord.


The many uses of the units of the Motor Drive Group in conjunction with other units of the Macrophoto, Photomicro and Flash Photo Groups permit even a greater range of photographic possibilities with the motor drive than originally imagined.
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Motor Drive Group Units * Winder 2 (with M. 6V Battery Holder 1) Attached directly to the camera base, the Winder 2 single frame as well as sequential shooting (2.5 fps). Operating on 4 self-contained AA Alkaline batteries, it is capable of powering approx. 50 rolls of 36-exposure film. Size: 130 X 64 X 98mm (5.12 X 2.52 X 3.86 in.). Weight: 290g (10.2 oz.) (less batteries).

* M.6V Power Pack 1 This pocketable power unit (4 AA batteries) connects to the Winder 2 via a 1.2m cord. Warmed by photographer's body heat, permits operation in temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F).

* Motor Drive 1 The basic motor drive unit that forms the foundation of the group. Attached directly to the camera base together with the power supply. It is capable of single frame shooting and sequential filming of 5 frames per second. Size: 116 X 82 X 66mm (4.57 X 3.23 X 2.59 in.). Weight 210g (7.4 oz.).

*M.1 8V Control G rip 1 (with M. 18V Battery Holder 1) A power supply that accepts 12 AA batteries. Can be attached quickly to the Motor Drive 1. Size: 136 X 87 X 32mm. Weight: 160g (less batteries).*M.15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 This is a flat-type rechargeable power unit equipped with a built in Ni-Cd battery to power the Motor Drive 1. Size: 129 X 35 X 67mm. Weight: 260g.

mactrlbox.jpg * MAC Control Box nicdcharger.jpg
* M.15V Ni-Cd Charger 1 This AC adapter is necessary to charge the M.15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1.AC transformer for use with household current. Incorporates a selector switch between single frame and sequential exposure operation, a terminal for the relay cord and an intervalometer.

* 250 Film Back 1; 250 Film Magazine Used with the Motor Drive 1 or Winder 2 for roll films up to 250 exposures. Two Magazines are necessary

" ... OLYMPUS 250 FILM BACK1 WITH 35-POF This is an Olympus 250 exposure back with the 35-POF computer attachment made by Miletus Assoc., New Mexico. I think this was made for record keeping and used by the USN. It will work as a long roll back on any OM1 or 2 and maybe with the OM3 & 4 as well. At any rate it's a cool item and if your into OM cameras this might be a great addition to your collection. It would work well for large group photos or sporting advents...." - Michael -
/250filmbackAsml.jpg 250filmbackBsml.jpg  
Credit: Images courtesy of Mr. Michael Chandler® <> where he also operates a popular Ebay Store as well as a website on their own at Dexter Camera also can be reached by writing to: Dexters Camera 484 E Main St Ventura Ca 93001 USA 805-643-2172. Images copyright © 2003. All rights reserved.


More Info
relating to Bulk Film Back

* Relay Cords 1.2m and 10m Extension cords between the Motor Drive 1 and the power source for remote control.* 250 Film Loader Used in the darkroom for loading the 250 Film Magazine from 33m (100 ft.) bulk film rolls.

* Compartment Case L
* Partitioned Insert Can be slung over the shoulder or carried by hand. If used with an optionally available partitioned insert, the Case L accommodates motor drive equipment.
* M. Remote Cords 1.2m/5m
To be fitted into the remote control jack of the Motor Drive 1 and Winder.

OM System Macrophotography Grou Due to recent advances in macrophotography, it has become possible to discover patterns and colors of unsuspected beauty in the minutiae of nature. A fast growing number of scientists and amateurs are taking the opportunity to explore the living world around them to new depths. The Macrophotography Group of the OM System provides all the tools necessary to capture this world of perfection on film, offering a complete range of convenient high performance accessories designed for specialists in the various fields of macrophotography.

Starting from close-up photography with simple accessories such as Close-up Lenses, and Extension Tubes, you can extend your photographic excursions into the macrophoto world with the five Macro Lenses, Auto Bellows, Stands, Adapters, and a large variety of lighting equipment. (More info and detailed infomation is available)


This Group has no equal in its wide variety of accessories for macrophotography with a magnification range from l/10x to about 10X, and heightens the value of the OM System in pursuit of perfection on film.
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Macrophotography Group Accessories

* Telescopic Auto Tube 65-116 Featuring automatic diaphragm linkage and offering continuous extension from 65mm-116mm, it allows you to vary magnifications and subject area freely making macrophoto work as easy as snapshots. Subject area extends to 72mm x 48mm (2.8" x 1.9") when used in conjunction with the 135mm macro lens, and runs all the way from 72mm x 48mm (2.8" x 1.9") to 36mm x 24mm (1.4" x 0.9") in conjunction with the 1 : 1 Macro 80mm lens.

* Auto Extension Tubes 7. 14 and 25 Each of these bayonet mount tubes fits between the OM Body and the lens, featuring automatic diaphragm linkage. Available in extensions of 7mm, 14mm and 25mm, and can be used in 7 different combinations in total to give a variety of magnifications.

Another set of these extension tubes of the same sizes without the automatic diaphragm linkage is also available. For magnifications, 0.5 x and higher however, the 50mm macro lenses are recommended superior resolution.

* Close-up Lens 49mm f=40cm * Close-up Lens 55mm f=40cm These attachment lenses thread directly over the standard lenses or 50mm macro lens, permitting magnification increase without affecting automatic diaphragm action.

The close-up lens 49mm is used with the 50mm F1.8 and F1.4 standard and 50mm macro lenses; the close up lens 55mm with the 55mm F1.2 standard lens.* Close-up Lens 80mm Macro For use with the MC 1:1 Macro 80mm lens to extend magnifications with the Telescopic Auto Tube from 1 x to 2x.

* Auto Bellows A basic unit extending your close-up and macrophotographic capabilities. Provided with the the preset aperture diaphragm lever to stop down the lens opening of various OM lenses at the moment of exposure in conjunction with the double cable release. Objective Lens Mount PM-MTob This objective mount enables you to mount the Zuiko Macro 20mm and 38mm to the Auto Bellows.


blwrail.jpg blwstage.jpg
* Focusing Rail This is used with the Focusing Stage and connects to a tripod, the Copy Stand, or Macrophoto Stand B Adapter, so that the camera can be smoothly moved along the Rail, allowing you to focus and compose as desired.

*Focusing Stage Allows you to mount the camera body on the Focusing Rail or Auto Bellows. When used with the Rail, you can change the camera position for fast and smooth focusing and composing.

* Slide Copier For use in conjunction with the Auto Bellows to produce duplicates from frame-mounted slides or strip slides. The 1:1 Macro 80mm is recommended for best result with the Slide Copier.
* Roll Film Stage Attached to the Slide Copier to hold long roll films for duplication.

*Power Bounce Grip 2 Converts the T32 (or T20) into a grip type electronic flash unit. Consists of a bracket section and a grip section which contains 4 C batteries to provide a powerful supplementary power source.

The bounce head can be angled 90° up, 20° down, 60° right and 240° left allowing free choice of bounce and close-up flash photography. Electrical connection with the camera is made via the TTL Auto Cord T and TTL Auto Connector.

* TTL Auto Cord T 0.3m, 0.6m, 2m, 5m Used for off-camera flash operation (e.g., bounce flash, multi-unit flash). Available in 4 different lengths.

* M. Grip Cord Connects the Motor Drive 1 (or Winder) with the shutter release incorporated in the bounce grip for comfortable motor-driven flash photography.

* Electronic Flash AC Adapter 3 Enables operation of the T10 Ring Flash 1 and its modeling lamp on AC current.

flashadpt2.jpg flashadpt.jpg PWRPack.jpg
* 6V Power Pack 2An auxiliary power source unit for the modeling lamp of the T10 Ring Flash or winder units. Powered by four D size batteries *Electronic Flash AC Adapter 2

* Macrophoto Stand VST- 1 A rugged stand specially designed for close-up and high magnification photography. Usable with various stage plates. Complete with a round frosted plate (black at back) for incident light, and a pair of stage clips.

* Macrophoto Stand B Adapter For use with the Macrophoto Stand, to support the Auto Bellows or Focusing Rail on the Stand.

* Macrophoto Stand Extension Bar VST-E Extends the height of the Macrophoto Stand. Length: 7.5cm(2.95"). *Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE Indispensable for holding the Macrophoto Stand VST-1 for magnified photographs.

Supplied with a built-in 100V 20W illuminator with a mirror, and a pair of wooden haridrests for of operation. Can be used with various stage plates and filters. When used with the Lieberkuhn Reflector, it is convenient to replace the reflector mirror with the Centering Mirror PM-ELCS.

* Double Cable Release Attached to the Auto Bellows and camera shutter release button, to activate them simultaneously. * Cable Release SR-II
* Copy Stand A standard type stand, 48 x 44 cm, for general close-up and copy photography. Two additional lights can be attached to the top of the 80 cm high stanchion. Fine adjustment for the camera height and a locking device are provided.

* Handy Copy Stand A four-legged stand for close-up and copy photography. The leg length is adjustable to three positions.* Lighting Set Complete with two units, each consisting of a base and light arm. Max. intensity: 500W.
Stand.jpg Stand2.jpg
* Epi-Illuminators PM-LSD 2 This pair of illuminators offers vertical illumination essential to macrophotography. The height of the illuminator is adjustable on the tall pillar, suitable to over stage or substage illumination.

When used with Trans-illuminator Base X-DE, the Illuminator supplies transmitted light. Focusing is adjustable by shifting the bulb filament. A 6V to 8V variable transformer is provided. Eight filters are available in various sizes, including color, black and white, neutral density, etc. for transparent or translucent subjects.

* Trans- Illuminator LSD This unit is a universal type Trans-Illuminator for use with the X- DE Trans-Illuminator Base.

When the Lieberkuhn Reflector is added, vertical light is also available. A 6V, 30W bulb is built-in. The condenser travels 18mm by rack and pinion for converging, diverging and parallel adjustments of lights. Complete with transformer and square filter 60 x 45C. Provided with a filter holder for attachment of various OLYMPUS filters, round and square.

Reflector.jpg plate.jpg
* Lieberkuhn Reflector PM-LM38 * Lieberkuhn Reflector PM-LM20 These reflectors are available for use with the 20mm and 38mm Macro Lenses.

When used with the LSD Trans- Illuminator, they make it possible to take photographs with excellent penetration and lack of shadows.

* Centering Mirror PM-ELCS For use with these PM-EL units for accurate centration or for use with the Trans- Illuminator Base X-DE.

* Incident Illuminator Mirror Housings PM-E L80, PM- EL38 and PM-EL20 These units are used with OLYMPUS Macro Lenses in conjunction with the Epi-Illuminator PM-LSD2 or Macrophotgraphic Equipment PMT-35 to illuminate macrophotographic objects with incident light. They are effective when shadowless Pictures are desired.

* Spare Bulb 6V 5A TB-1 (for PM-LSD2 & LSD) * Spare Bulb 6V 5A TP-1 (for PMT-35)

* Adapter PM-EA Accepts the photosensitive probe of the EMM-7 Exposure Meter in conjunction with the PMT-35 Auto Bellows.
* Stage Glasses (Clear, frosted & black)
* Stage Plate 45 (metal disc, black)
* Stage Plate 28 (metal disc, black)

* Glass Shade Stage Plate Supplied with two stage inserts; compatible with the Lieberkuhn Reflector. The center port accepts the stage insert on which a subject is placed.

Stage.jpg Stage2.jpg
* Mechanical Stage FM This stage is used to mount subjects on the 28mm stage plate. The subject travels vertically and horizontally by precise adjustments with a vernier.

* Filters Round filters are used with the PM-LSD2 and LSD, while square filters used with the LSD only. They are available for color temperature compensation, monochromatic, neutral density, diffusion, heat absorbing and interference filtration.

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