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In comparison to lens caps, lens hoods can be more difficult to address. Mainly because it is related directly to the lens type and if it is used, will partly involve in a picture taking process. It was the same case with the lens cap, the earliest series of lens hood designed by Nikon for their rangefinder Nikkor lens series were mainly produced in chrome body only. Well preserved metal lens hood produced during this period was a little rough but still they usually have sparkling metallic colour, well matching the chrome lens and camera bodies. There is a gray area in the lens hood for wideangle 35mm lenses. Despite my long years of patience, I have not come across any bundled lens hood that was sold with the many EARLIEST versions of W.Nikkor 3.5cm wideangle lenses. For 5cm, 8.5cm and 13.5cm it is easier to locate images for the dedicated chrome-type lens hood. The subsequent wideangle Nikkor 2.8cm (1952), 2.5cm (1953) and 2.1cm (1959) each was designed with its dedicated lens hood. It was interesting to note each of the three mentioned Nikkor wideangle lenses had employed quite a different lens hood on their own. The 2.8cm uses an adapter which merges hood/filter (Series VII or 43mm screw-in type); the 2.5cm introduced after the 2.8cm lens had used a bayonet system which can mount both the lens cap and Series VII hood; the 2.1cm introduced during the late '50 had reverted back to simpler form of direct screw-in type of design.

As for the rest of other focal lengths, most are standard except when it relates to fast speed optic (examples like Nikkor-S 5cm f/1.1, W.Nikkor 3.5cm f/1.8; Nikkor-S 8.5cm f/1.5 etc.) and/or version that had a different filter diameter (such as the
Nikkor-T 10.5cm f/4 (1959), the Reflex-Housing enabled short mount Nikkor tele-lenses), they were usually being designed with a special dedicated lens hood. s each of the lens type or model will be featured separately and usually I will have a small slot to include basic information on any accompanied system accessories, you may have to find out from the respective section to explore other possibilities. As here, we will be confined to just discuss issues in general.

Lens Hood for rangefinder Nikkor lenses

A typical acccessories for an old chrome Nikkor-Q 13.5mm f/4.0 with front and rear caps, lens hood.

Various lens hood designs appeared throughout the Nikon rangefinder era
Credit: A composite photo of various Nikon lens hoods of different stages was scanned and retouched from Nikon RF Magazine Photographer: ® Image copyright 2000 Skogakukan, 2000, Japan.
Despite any possibilities of other variations that might be offering for any types of lens hood for each Nikkor lenses, in general, you can use the illustration scanned from the year 2000 publication of Nikon RF cameras special issue to commemorate the rebirth of Nikon rangefinder S3 in Japan. There was a photo illustrating some of the lens hood types that deserve attention by Japanese collectors:-

Front row:- 1st/left for W.Nikkor 2.8cm f/3.5 with separating chrome/black components; 2nd/left: dedicated hood for Nikkor-H 5cm f/2.0; 3rd/center: for 5cm f/1.4 late models; 4th:
Nikkor-P 8.5cm f/2.0 early Chrome and Nikkor-S 5cm f/1.4 chrome type with two pieces outfit. Back row:- 1st/left: Dedicated hood for 10.5cm f/4 Nikkor-T; 2nd/3rd/left: two separate lens hood design with different height for Nikkor-P 10.5cm f/2.5; 4th/center: not sure but looks like for early collapsible 5cm Nikkor lens; 1st/right / 2nd/right: late lens hood design for 8.5cm f/2.0 black barrel; extra-large hood for Nikkor-S.C 8.5cm f/1.5.

An earliest version of chrome metal lens hood for Nikkor-P 8.5cm f/2.0 telephoto lens front view 2nd 2-pieces version of chrome metal lens hood for Nikkor-P 8.5cm f/2.0 telephoto lens front view

Earliest single-piece version of chrome metal lens hood for Nikkor-P 8.5cm f/2.0 telephoto lens
2nd 2-pieces version of chrome metal lens hood for Nikkor-P 8.5cm f/2.0 telephoto lens section view

Case study:

Nikkor-P 8.5cm 1:2 Chrome version
early series of lens hood and followed up model

An earliest version of chrome metal lens hood for Nikkor-P 8.5cm f/2.0 telephoto lens inverse view 2nd 2-pieces version of chrome metal lens hood for Nikkor-P 8.5cm f/2.0 telephoto lens inverse / rear view

The black lens hood designed as matching lens acccessory for the black barrel version of Nikkor-P.C 10.5cm f/2.5
<<<--- In 1956, the black barrel 1:2 f=8.5cm Nikkor-P.C (left picture) was introduced and Nikon had designed a matching black lens hood for it, it was a screw-in type which was the same with the chrome updated version and then a Snap-On type as its last replacement model. Both of these 48mm hoods / shades can be reversibly store onto the lens.

On the other hand, the fast lens speed version of the 85mm alternative, Nikkor-S.
C 1:1.5 f=8.5cm has a different hood as the filter thread has a larger size measuring 60mm from the 48mm used on the f/2.0. The shade/hood for the 85/1.5 uses a 2-pieces design (picture bottom right hand side) and was only supplied in a matching black finish. One of the contributing photo of a late Leica screw-mount (LSM) version has shown attached with a bayonet type of lens hood (see below, left picture) but I am not too certain if it was Nikon made accessory.
Both the different lens speed Nikkor 8.5cm telephoto have illustrated their respective development in the lens hood and it may present a good case study of how the progressive development of this accessory that had evolved itself from different stages. It is difficult to address all the changes among the Nikkor lenses and I would rather encourage you explore more information from else where if you can't find them in the respective featured sections of the focal length in this site.

The dedicated companion lens hood in black for Nikkor-S.C 1:1.5 f=8.5cm telephoto lens  rear view Newer version of lesn hood designed on the LEICA SM (LSM) Nikkor-S.C 1:1.5 f=8.5cm telephoto lens

bayonet type lens hood for RF Nikkor-S.C 5cm 1:1.4 bayonet type lens hood for RF Nikkor-H.C 5cm 1:2
A few unique lens hood designs at 50mm focal length RF Nikkor lenses

The bayonet type f hood with the rear opening designs were beleived to tbe introduced at late stage (one way or another, Leica / Leitz had these versions but I am not sure who had pioneered this originald design and do not understand the purpose if it hassuperior property than the conventional sealed hood design.

original lens hood and packing box for NIKKOR-N 5cm 1:1.1 (50mm f/1.1) standard lens Original lens hood and packaging box for Nikkor-N 50mm f/1.1

Earlier chrome lens hood for Nikkor-S 1:1.4 f=5cm Earlier chrome lens hood for Nikkor-S 1:1.4 f=5cm rear view
An early chrome lens hood for Nikkor-S 5cm 1:1.4, it was similar to the design of the 8.5/2.0, below is another early hood for the 135/4.

Earlier nickel/brass version lens hood for Nikkor-S 1:2 f=5cm standard lens 2nd and final release of standard black version lens hood for Nikkor-S 1:2 f=5cm standard lens
An early, rarely seen nickel / brass version of black lens hood designed for the 5cm f/2.0 comparing with the eventual version.


Old Chrome lens hood for an old chrome RF Nikkor 135cm f4
When I begin this section, I have not reaching the site for the other three orignal focal length when Nikon introduced their S-series bayoney mount RF system yet. The three lenses could have other development in between. Here is a how an 135/4 older 2nd version lens hood looks like. The orginal, like the 85/2 also was also a single piece.
Detail section view of the mount ofthe chrome lens hood for 135mm f/4.0 RF Nikkor-Q
A diiferent version (early series) of lens hood designed for Nikkor f=3.5cm 1:2.5 with engraving of LSM marking Rear section view of details in A different version (early series) of lens hood designed for Nikkor f=3.5cm 1:2.5 with engraving of LSM marking

A few unique lens hood designs at 35mm focal length


The bayonet type lens hood design used in the f=3.5cm 1:1.8 fast speed wideangle lens Section view of the bayonet type lens hood design used in the f=3.5cm 1:1.8 fast speed wideangle lens
Here are two good representing lens hood designs in the development for the 3.5cm wideangle lenses. The 3.5cm/f2.5 hood with an "L" mark may suggest it was meant for LSM Nikkor lenses. The left for the 3.5/f1.8 was a metal, black paint in bayonet type.

The bayonet type lens hood design used in the f=2.5cm 1:4.0 ultra-wideangle RF Nikkor lens

Section view of the bayonet type lens hood design used in the f=2.5cm 1:4 wideangle lens

A unique lens hood design in bayonet-type for mounting both the lens cap and the series VII lens hood for this RF Nikkor ultra-wideangle lens at 25mm focal length.

Lens hood designs used on the long focal length NIkkor lenses during the rangefinder days:

lens hood for the 18cm f/2.5 short mount long telephoto RF Nikkor lens in crinkle finish Side view of a dedicated lens hood with crinkle finish for Nikkor-H.C 18cm 1:2.5 short mount long telephoto lens requires the use of Nikon Reflex Housing

The lens hood of this RF (rangefinder) 18cm 1:2.5 Nikkor-H.C short mount telephoto lens uses crinkle finish at the front. probably one of the earliest series that had seen with this kind of finishing that was copied onto many of the modern Nikkor lenses, which includes the autofocus version. Note: the subsequent version for the RF 35cm f4.5 Nikkor-T also has a crinkle finish lens hood.

lens hood for the 25cm f/4.0 short mount long telephoto RF Nikkor lens Lens hood for 25cm f/4 Nikkor rangefinder telephoto lens dedicated lens hood for 50cm f/5.0 Nikkor-T

The lens hood of this RF (rangefinder) 25cm 1:4.0 Nikkor-Q.C short mount telephoto lens has black paint finish but the hood extension was very long. The lens hood for the RF (rangefinder) 50cm 1:5 Nikkor-T.C probably has the longest extension among all the rangefinder Nikkor lenses and it is almost 1/3 of the physical length of the lens tube itself.

As I mentioned earlier, lens hood may mean something important to certain photographers, but most can live without one. Both body and lens caps all serve only one purpose to protect the camera body and lens, as well as preventing from possible penetration of foreign particles while lens hood serves to protect the exposed front optical element as well as avoid unintended light invasion that MAY degrade the image quality. Overall, lens hood designed and made by Nikon exhibits high built quality as well as carefully matching the original purpose for the particular type of lenses / focal lengths. If it was not the intention for photography, collecting original matched lens hood for the lens can be quite fun.

Most of us wqould assume some of ghe best of optic and mechanical engineering in the products for Nikon rangefinder days were towarding the end of its product cycle. However, earlier made acccessories do have their strength and in the case of lens caps and hoods/shades, this may not always be applied. Personally, I find the earliest versions have more charm in its collectible value and perspective. Ayway, as I said earlier, these are not an absolute must acccessories. So, it depends very much on the original objective why are you looking for such am oldie, the info here may not suit to satisfy the desire of the elite group of collectors but I guess good enough to fit general purpose of info seekers. Enjoy.


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