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Nippon Kogaku Japan S-Mount Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm (Bellow Lens Head) for Nikon rangefinder cameras - Part IV

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Nippon Kogaku Japan S-Mount Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm (Bellow Lens Head) for Nikon rangefinder cameras.
Year introduced: May, 1958, discontinued: 1967~8

Nippon Kogaku Japan / Nikon Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm Bellow lens head for Nikon S-mount rangefinder cameras
In October, 1956, Nikon had introduced a very special lens, the Micro-Nikkor.C 1;3.5 f=5cm. It was the first* of its kind within the Nikkor lens system, which eventually leads to the famous Micro-Nikkor series of optic which was immensely popular among enthusiasts in many decades that follow. It has a collapsible design but double as a normal standard lens. The lens was specifically being designed for close-up photography where it can focus down to as close as 48" which delivers a magnification ratio of 1:12. You may think, it wasn't that impressive huh ? However, it can reach 1.5X when use in conjunction with a Bellow Unit and even reaches 1:1 when uses it with a Nikon Repro Copy outfit (model S/P).. Similarly, the Micro-Nikor works equally well on a Bellow Unit. Note: the first EL Nikkor 1:2.8 f=5cm for enlarging use was also being produced during this period.

So, when Nikon introduced the Nikkor-Q f:4 f=13.5cm in 1958 with a bellow-specific usage lens in the telephoto range was still considered to be quite a surprise to the photo community as it was a specialized optic in nature and it has a less mass market appeal.

* Others, such as Contax Zess Opton has an equiavalent Tessar 50/3.5 MACRO introduced earlier than the Nikon.
Here I would not speculate the intention but rather simply conclude its debut in two possible reasons: firstly, explored an area where the competition was still weak in this specific segment, while took the opportunity to widen the Nikkor lens system with added benefit of branding Nikon as creative in optical innovations; secondly to increase the depth of Nikon system accessories with a functional telephoto lens which delivers a more natural perspective for close up photography. Further, at extreme close-up photography with rangefinder viewing is also an issue, with a Bellow, it is possible to combine Nikon Reflex Housing (model I/II) to deliver direct viewing while reaches 1:1 magnification with the Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm lens head.
Old lens hood for Nikon reflex F 135mm f/4 side views of  a Nippon Kogaku Japan / Nikon Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm Bellow lens head for Nikon S-mount rangefinder cameras
Whatever the reasons, the short mount Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm Bellow lens head has been designed to pair in use with Nikon Bellow Focusing Device. The bellow device, offers further separation of a Nikkor lens with the film plane. FLEXIBLE lens to film plane separation is the key word as compare to a close-up lens such as Micro-Nikkor. With the 135/4 Bellow lens head, a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:1 is achievable ! (Note: Micro-Nikkor 5cm/3.5 + Nikon Bellow only delivers approx. 2.2X in this combination). The lens has an auxiliary preset ring at the front. Nikon Bellow Focusing Device model I, II are compatible. Lastly, accessories such as BR-1 (for RF lenses use on Bellow),N-F tube enables the lens to be used for Nikon F bodies but Nikon had eventually redesigned the Bellow-Nikkor in different configuration to replace the S-mount Bellow lens head at later years (see below). Unless there are versions that I am not aware of, this lens only has black finishing, Please also take note that, officially the lens was not referred as "Bellow-Nikkor" but simply as "Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm", so, the bellow lens head may create some confusion with the early, discontinued Nikkor-Q.C 1:4 f=13.5cm. None has "C" after the lens data either, because by then, most of the Nikkor were took for granted as being coated lenses.

optical contruction of Bellow-Nikor S-mount version for Nikon rangefinder camerasDimensions of a S-Mount version Bellow Nikkor 135mm f/4 for rangefinder Nikon cameras

<<< -- illustration of optical design and overall dimension of S-mount Bellow-Nikkor 1:4 f=13.5cm

Side view and leather case for Nippon Kogaku Japan / Nikon Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm Bellow lens head for Nikon S-mount rangefinder cameras

Optical design for Bellow Nikkor 135mm f/4 Reflex F-mount Nikon SLR cameras

Comparing optical design and overall dimension of revised Bellow-Nikkor 1:4 f=13.5cm designed for the F-mount Nikon which replaced the S-mount model

Dimension of Bellow Nikkor 135mm/4 F mount version

a Bellow lens head 135mm f/4 for early version of Nikon F

an old Nippon Kogaku Japan / Nikon Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm Bellow lens head for Nikon S-mount rangefinder cameras in a lens case
Technical Specifications: -

Lens Mount: Nikon S-Mount; not known if this was available in LEICA M39 Screw Mount or Contax Bayonet mount
Focal Length: 135mm (13.5cm);
: Preset;
Optical Construction
: 4 elements 3 groups
Focusing range: OO~1X; not applicable, used in conjunction with Nikon Bellow Focusing Device model I, II, B-F tube/BR-1 can be used for Nikon F bodies
Picture Angle: 18° (10° x 15° x 18°)
Maximum / Minimum Aperture range: f/4 ~ f/22
Filter Attachment Size: 43mm (Series VII), slip on outer diameter 46mm
Lens Hood: no info
Viewing: Nikon Reflex Housing
Weight (lens only): approx. 220g/7.8oz
Standard/Optional Accessories: leather case; front/rear caps and bubble plastic lens case with lens mounting base.
Other Information: Quantity Approx. 1,500 units. Ref: Robert Rotoloni An Illustrated History on Nikon Rangefinder camera.

<< -- The bubble lens case has a screw threaded mount at the base !
bubble case for Nippon Kogaku Japan / Nikon Nikkor-Q 1:4 f=13.5cm Bellow lens head for Nikon S-mount rangefinder cameras
<< -- Left: For those who may be interested on collection, a complete set of the Bellow-Nikkor 135/4 would include an original brown leather lens case along with this uniquely designed Nikon bubble lens case. Below: the leaf shutter inside the lens
front lens element of a Bellow Nikkor 135mm f/4 lens head for RF Nikon cameras
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