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Front View (81k) | Rear View (75k) 16"
"Wu Thong"

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"Jiang Sen"

Front View (80k) | Rear View (75k) 16"

I would strongly believe medium scale statues may even have a longer history in existence than conventional portable smaller amulets/medallions. Firstly, they are sized larger and being easier to produce. In a way, I think it is more viable for any average Thai believer to install an ideally sized image at home as compared to most large structures in temples. However, as many midsize religious Buddhist statues seen today are metal-based structures, so I would also assume they go hand in hand with the development period where the Thai or the Burmese mastered the art of bronze metal manufacturing. As you can inspect the many portable medallions at Wichien Medallion Section, the skill set and high standard of craftsmanship are quiet apparent and perhaps all could come down from the early days of creating larger Buddhist statues.

A typical Thai temple may easily has a dozen or so Buddhist images installed at the main hall. The tens of thousand temples in Thailand, Burma, Sri-Lanka and near by countries created demand for such craftmanship. Although some may carry the belief "Larger is Better" but such thought also reflects in the quality aspect of Image production. Thus far, the midsize statues have the best in terms of quality aspect (perhaps the portable units are catching up very rapidly...or even surpassing because the demands are always there in terms of numbers). But legend and deep religious belief originated from icon such as the great Emerald Buddha has helped in creating a following among the Thai public all these years. In a way, it makes perfect sense for the deeply rooted Thai t think to have a Buddhist statues at home for worshiping or seek for religious protection. Anyway, there is not much differences among all the religions in this world except the ways how to act and interpret on respective beliefs. However, the current trend is, more and more people are turning to local icons than the Lord Buddha, that is all.

This section of the MIR-Amulet site may not be able to furnish an extension for large Buddha images such as one of those shown above in a temple. Neither I think I should put too much emphasis in pursuing further in this respect (but I don't entirely write-off such possibility as long as there is someone good enough to help in site construction). However, I am just only be contented to have an individual section to address these kind of demand for this kind of related info because it is a natural behavior if one tends to grow stronger in his/her religious beliefs, he/she may start to think of installation of an image at home or at work. Although I may not be able to furnish in wealth of information required to create high quality website but neither I think I shouldn't provide such a convenience for all to share a common passion - that is essentially the main objective of having this new extension form the Amulet site. So, I am just using my own installations at home and a few that Uncle Wichien think they are good enough for showcasing publicly to kick-start this mini- web project. Naturally, if you think you have some high quality images to share, do use the Message Board section to drop me a line.Thank you.

<<<-- A simple, but immensely popular image for Thai traders is Nang Kwak. I have one similar one in my office too - it is not an exotic image but it serves a morale booster. (image dimension: approx. 8").

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