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This Nomenclature was based on an improved, 1962's single-stroke Leica M3 black paint model bearing S/N beyond 10599xx* Other minor variations/features (esp. those earlier production units) may exist. I have also provided a simple illustration of a typical double strokes, early Leica M3 version at mid section for comparison (NOTE;- there are combination of other features to confirm and/or verification purposes on version/model, even as minute as the design of the camera strap eyelet on both sides (early DS M3 has triangular shape, later models has rounded ears etc.). Please also take notice Leica offered Factory Conversion Services such as double strokes to single stroke, addition of a viewfinder frame pre-selector and even modified to accept Leicavit for auto film advance mechanism etc. and there were even faked to make it rare kind of services by 3rd party technicians. Hard to be a collectors today, so, traders with good experience as well as highly rated trading credibility & a little extra premium may seem justified at times.

* Note: S/N for Leica M3:- 700000~1164865. Ref: Leica Collectors Guide, by DENNIS Laney.

Nomenclature of a typical double strokes Leica M4 early model

Earliest Double Stroke Leica M3 may have this old-type film tracking casting
later models (double or single stroke) have typicl double rails design
refer here for more info

A typical Leica/Leitz M-lens illustration of various basic features

Nomenclature of a newer series of Leica-M lenses

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