Wat Buag Klog Noi, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Wat Buag Klog Noi,

Wat Buag Klog Noi, Chiangmai is a typical example of an old Temple of Lanna Country. Based on the old folks in Chiangmai who are well versed with history of local Lanna history & references, the Wat Buag Klog Noi, Chiangmai may have been constructed back the Buddhism Calendar Year 2345, which means to say, this Thai temple carries with a history of approx. 175 years. Although as compared with other old Thai Wat (Thai temple) in northern Thai provinces, it is not considered to be an extremely popular historical site for tourists but with its near two centuries' background, Wat Buag Klog Noi is still good enough to be regarded as respectfully "aged" (mind me to remind you, the famous Wat Rakang is almost of same age). The temple was used to be called Wat Hua Dong because as the old days where Chiang Mai was not as its current state, the temple was actually located at the outskirts of Chiangmai (Weerapong said it is countryside, but to be exact, in a plain simple term, it is near the jungle). The entire premises measures in a plot of land with an approx. 7 Rai (Thai term for measurement of land area which interprets as approx. 2/5 acres). Due to aging and corrosion, the original temple was a bit run down and an local initiated project of reconstruction has began few years years ago (most of the Thai temple you visit now in Thailand may also have been through various scales of restoration and/or renovation process over the last few decades). One way or another, in a typical reconstruction process of a Thai temple, usually entire new structure will be built but with a section to preserve the originality of an historical site). Thailand has a Buddhist Council where the governing authority laid their strict control & guidelines over any attempt on reconstruction (esp. restoration) of any old temple in the country. So, by the time I reached there with my buddy, Weerapong, Wat Buag Klog Noi presents a refreshing view of a newly renovated outlook. Anyway, after my last journey to the famed Wat Keschaiyo at Ang Thong Province which went through similar process of upgrading its facilities, I am not entirely surprised by these changes.

As I said, other than the new looked of a highly developed form of Lanna art, this temple also has an old style Lanna-styled structure with a Pagoda that reputedly has an history of approx. two centuries old (I thnk it is hidden inside the "Viham" (The Main Buddhist Hall) of the new struture. It is well acknowledged among the local Buddhist community that Wat Buag Klog Noi has an incredible beautiful views. Although some may preferred the traditional form of an ancient-look Thai temple, Wat Buag Klog Noi may excite the locals more than the tourists with its new look, as my friend claimed.

Chief Monk at thie Lanna Temple, Chiangmai
Anyway, the subject of interest is when Weerapong brought me to pay my respect to the "Jaow Are Wart" (or "Chao-A-Wat" - which is referring to the Chief Abbot of any Buddhist Thai Temple) of this Wat Buag Klog Noi, Pra Mahha Thong Suek Sirivichayo is his name - where some followers of him said he is a monk that "stays 8-cycles of his life".

This Chief-de-Monk of the temple is a very passionate guru indeed, we can communicate a fair bit as he can converse in English quite well. He looked quite delighted when he met me (Overall, I would say most Thai monks are incredibly friendly (especially when he realizes you are a foreigner - even though if he may not be able to converse in English); probably under the watchful eyes of Lord Buddha, each of them also carries a duty help to spread the wisdom of Buddhism across continents. So, a brief session of introduction began from here..

NOTE:- It is not my intention to influence anyone on matters regarding superstitious beliefs or activities on a public website. What follows is merely an account of my personal experience at a place which a friend brought me to.  I have no explanation for what happened. It may even sound bizarre to some of you but at times, religious matters can be difficult to explain scientifically. So for some sections that may relate, just read and consume, okay? 

A deep follower of the Lanna Buddhist codes and well verse with the ancient lanna languages, Pra Mahha Thong Suek explained to me that he has spent his entire monkshood trying to learn as well as recovering ancient Lanna ways in Buddhist practice. He has been to virtually every temple where the late, greatest Guru of all Lanna monks, Pra Kru ba Srivichai ever had direct involvement of construction of a Wat or indirect supervision on reconstruction process of older Thai temples in and around various northern Thai provinces. One of his determined personal project is to learn from the ancient Lanna scripts, means of chanting/blessing fro public as well as meditation of how Pra Kru ba Srivichai ways of blessing during the old days. Chiangmai folks believe deeply those who have been blessed by the Saint Lanna will be remained in a state of peaceful & happiness for his/her entire life. Another area of interest of him is to study and researching various application of local Chiangmai herbs for the purpose of medication and spiritual usage. While in his private gallery of an incredible number of bottled herbs and ailments that refined from local vegetation collected from nearby mountains in Chiangmai & surrounding provinces; He explained to me each of the refined collection in their respective spiritual & medical applications. I am quite certain he knows what he knew and what is he doing ... I suppose he has also many followers in Singapore as I can see a listings of names of devotees labeled as well as some pictures of him in Singapore but he said it was his first encounter with a Malaysian.

So, the half-English speaking Pra Mahha Thong Suek took me to his private room that filled with literally a mini museum kind of exhibits with rolls and rolls various collections of herbs, power, oils from fauna or flora collected from mountains near by; on the other section, neat and orderly laying countless numbers of personal collection and/or donations of religious sculptures, statues, posters, pendants and amulets. Out of respect and I have never attempted to ask their respective origin as I don't think it is appropriate to do so.

Oilments from extracts of Herbs in Chiangmai

Herbs of Chiangmai in Bottles

Religious Power for spiritual usage

A collection of extracts from local florae into ailment bottles, each his been labeled

Many traditional herbs that have been categorized and soap into various bottles

A huge collection of religious power or ashes from chanting of other chief abbots, possibly from other Thai temples


Exhibits of personal collection of various ritual religious images and tools.

the main center piece of private collection

An aged poster of the master lanna monk, Kruba Srivichai

A private exhibit of various collections of religious artifacts over the years

Various Buddhist statues and votive images


Religious lanna chanting in progress

In a typical form of religious lanna-blessing ceremony, other than the lengthy raw lanna language chanting, some aided tools such as gold, silver foils & "tongkat" were also used; If you like a little magic - some may have experienced this on other areas in Thailand - the forehead and palm enclosed silver/gold foils will mysteriously "dissolved in your skin" when the process ends. The being blessed figure was Weerapong's son.

He asked if I have ever being blessed with any form of raw Lanna Buddhist codes from the North ? I hesitated for a moment but he asked me to knee and cross my hands - prayed fro what I wish in life. In a way, our Uncle Wichien did that almost for the last 1-1.2 decade for me so more or less I can picked up something from the ways how he blessed - but this lanna Monk's method of chanting can be entirely different - he will chant as loud as he could and I never felt my back was so weak because the whole process took an HOUR or so without even refer to any Buddhist sutra, and he didn't even paused for a moment in his hour-long blessing ! Uncle Wichien did almost similarly in equivalent span of time but Wichien did it on his own and called me upon finishes with the flower bath that followed where the entire process could only lasts approx. 1/2 hour. Well, what can you say ? It was an incredible experience.

So.. if you happen to be visiting Chiangmai on your next trip, probably you can take a taxi-ride to try out on your own to see how the ancient lanna way of blessing is. This Thai passionate Monk is very confident that I SHALL BE RE-VISIT him again, as he smiled and tell me " ... you businesses will tell you if this has made a difference for you...". Errr. What actually does this "brings" ? Weerapong tried to explain where Pra Mahha Thong Suek can be regarded as an expert on the aged, raw Lanna bless scripts where he has picked up from "old Lanna bible"; what he has done was to bless me with "good luck, happiness, purifies your mind & makes you feels relax within" - it is kind of hard to interpret in my limited command of English, but it means something like that on nature. He never asked for $$$ but I put some on the box as donation to the maintenance of temple.

New reports of the lanna monks Sign Board at entrance of the temple
My friend, Weerapong Srivichai may knows more and perhaps you can call him to bring you there (just tell him you are referred by me). One of the problem during my visit to Chiangmai during this trip is - I thought it was only a one-day trip, so, I didn't bring my charger. The battery depleted just when I needed it most after few initial session, some of the shots shown here are actually taken by Weerapong (he is a news journalist, he always carries one but qualitative aspect of his visual is, Errrr ... this friend of mine need to improve his skill set inclines with this professional profession-lah..hehe....).

Some write-ups on this Lanna Monk, Chiangmai news daily

If you can read Thai, try to translate for me, I think it tells other things not covered by me.,


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