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Technical Highlights of EOS-630

Faster Autofocus with Focus Prediction Nearly twice as fast as other previous EOS models such as EOS-650 and EOS-620 with a newly developed Focus Prediction system to help users capture any subject sharp and clear.

Faster Autofocus Autofocus is easier and quicker than ever with the EOS 630. A new high-speed central processing unit and more responsive circuitry in the camera body shift focus almost twice as fast as other EOS models. Now users can double their chances at catching great picture moments. Focus Prediction Users get new Focus Prediction power when they track targets in the Servo AF mode. Focus Prediction automatically anticipates the position of a fast-moving subject. It then drives the autofocus system during the instant after the shutter button is pressed and before exposure is made. Now even subjects that rapidly approach or move away from the camera come out sharp and clear.

A newly installed Programmed Image Control system which has seven settings integrate all camera functions to capture different types of subjects expertly, automatically. A much improved Custom Function Control Users can now adjust the camera to work as they wish by altering up to seven functions. Dual Metering Systems With a choice of Evaluative Metering or Partial Metering, users can put light metering in line with their image ideas.

Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Emanuele® <>. He also operates a popular Ebay Store where he often lists many used photo equipment ..Other that, you can also visit his website for more information. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Greater Exposure Control In addition to a choice of versatile exposure modes, the camera offers Automatic Exposure Bracketing, Multiple Exposure, and Variable Program Shift functions for professional-level control. Complete Lens and Accessory System A complete system of lenses, flashes and other accessories equips the photographer with just the right creative tools. Faster Built-in Motor Drive Fires up to five frames per second in the Continuous mode, so users never miss a moment. The Built-in motor drive shoots up to 5 fps which made it ranked at par with previous MF SLR models such as the mighty
Canon T90. EOS 630's built-in motor drive offers professional-level film-advance speed at up to five frames per second.

Together with ultra-fast autofocus, that extra drive power puts users on top of situations ranging from fast-breaking events to subtle changes of expression. The drive features a Continuous mode for rapid shooting and a Single-Frame mode that advances film one frame at a time.

Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Emanuele® <>. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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