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An IMAGE CONTROL feature that takes off where Programmed AE leaft off:

Seven Expert Ways to Capture Every Subject
Canon's new Programmed Image Control (PIC) system lets users enjoy a new experience in fully automatic creative photography. Now one control shifts all camera functions- focus, metering, exposure, and film transport-to deliver all the elements that go into a perfect shot. Users have a choice of seven different PIC settings to expertly and automatically capture every subject the way they want to portray it.

Credit: Images courtesy of Bob Barton® <>, who also operates a popular Ebay Store. All images appeared herein are Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.r.

P1: Standard Standard uses the AF, AE, metering and film advance systems that usually give the best results for general photography (see chart). When users have a specific vision of how they want to portray the subject, they can switch to a new setting by operating the mode button and Electronic Input Dial.

P2: Quickshot Quickshot is ideal for children, pets and other lively subjects. This setting uses the same metering and exposure systems as Standard, but Servo AF and continuous film advance help the photographer keep pace with all the action.
P3: Landscape Landscape shifts to an exposure program that favors small apertures. Greater depth of field puts the entire view into sharp focus-just the way it appears to the human eye.
P4: Sports Sports covers fast-moving targets-athletes, race cars, or even wildlife-with Servo AF, continuous film advance, and a fast-action exposure program that's biased to higher shutter speeds.
P5: Portrait The Portrait exposure program favors large apertures to isolate subjects against softly blurred backgrounds. Continuous film advance keeps up with every change of expression.

P6: Close-Up Close-Up selects the camera's Partial Metering system for precise light analysis. The exposure program favors small apertures to compensate for the shallow depth of field that lenses offer up close.
P7:indoor Indoor covers parties, gatherings, or any subject inside. With an EOS Speedlite attached, the TTL program automatically balances subject and background illumination. When used without a flash this setting favors high shutter speeds to prevent camera shake.

Programmed Image Control Settings



Film Wind














P1 Standard







P2 Quickshot







P3 Landscape







P4 Sports







P5 Portrait







P6 Close-Up







P7 Indoor




TTL Program

w/o flash







Programmed Image Control shifts among four program exposure lines and a flash exposure mode. "PS" is the general photography program- "PH-1 " favors high shutter speeds, "PH-2" large apertures, and "PL" small apertures. Flash exposures use a TTL program line. Each program also shifts its combination of aperture and shutter speeds to suit the lens in use.

* Based on EF standard 50mm f/1.8 lense.

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